Dear Eid traveler, here are some tips

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A few days and we all celebrate Eid Al Fitr, many of us find it a good opportunity to travel on a short excursion or to rejuvenate.

If you were among those who planned to travel on this holiday, we suggest some things that could help make your trip comfortable.

Initially, you must make sure of the visa of the country you want to go to if it is necessary.

Before going to the airport, it is necessary to make sure that all identity documents, such as the passport, are present, and that bank credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are on the side of the ATM card and a cash amount of no less than $ 250.

When heading to the airport, we recommend that you go early, during the holiday season, the traffic is more crowded and at the airports, and to avoid any delays that may occur.

It should also be noted that the bag does not exceed 32 kg according to the conditions of all international airports.

Finally, we recommend some applications of interest to the traveler, such as the application of prayer times and the direction of Qibla, in addition to maps and locating applications and currency and translator applications.

With our best wishes for a happy journey and Happy New Year.

Dear Eid traveler here are some tips - Dear Eid traveler, here are some tips
Dear Eid traveler, here are some tips


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