Entertainment and tourism guide in Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka is called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, and it has the most beautiful cities which are Colombo, as it is characterized by a mixture of pleasure and with fascination, through the splendor of the tourist places in it, and the diversity of cultures within it, which is one of the most beautiful trips that you will enjoy A lot, Arab travelers show you the most important thing about Sri Lanka.

Tourism in Sri Lanka Colombo

Sri Lanka overlooks the Indian Ocean coast from the south of Asia, and from the north lies with the borders of India, about 31 kilometers from the Maldives, and its main capital is Colombo and its largest city, which is considered the economic capital of the country, located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean coast, There are two main airports, one for flights, Bandar Nike International Airport, and the other is designated for private aircraft, Ratmalana Airport, in the eighteenth century, Colombo was known as an economic port for many countries and Mamluks, and it has many temples and churches that spread in the past centuries during the occuAl Bahahn of the Sphinx Diene in the sixteenth century, sometimes expelled Muslims from them.

The most beautiful tourist places in Colombo

  • Pelanuela stoned Vihari

It is one of the most famous temples that indicate the historical and cultural aspects, which are a source of attraction for tourists in Colombo, and it is called the Buddhist tree temple, and its history dates back to the third century BC, and it is considered an extension of a large group of the sacred Buddha tree that contains thirty female and thirty trees In Anuradhapura, this is why all tourists who love Buddha’s culture and religion come to him.

  • German Museum of Colombo

It is located in the center of the Betah Market, which is one of the best local markets that exist in Colombo, and the museum is considered a distinctive piece of art, as it attracts many tourists desire to see it, and the museum was once considered a place for the German ruler to establish the region in the seventeenth century, which indicates The splendor of German architecture.

  • Independence Square

Established in the middle of the Cinnamens Gardens, which is one of the most important historical monuments that witness every year all celebrations of the Sri Lankan people, where they have achieved their independence in ruling, and it is considered a memorial and a distinctive tourist destination.

  • Digana Wheatland Park

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Colombo, and it was created to express the beauty of the enchanting nature of the continuous destruction of the floods, and it is characterized by romance, the nature of green vegetation, and wild life in it.

  • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

It is one of the temples located inside Colombo, this temple remained steadfast in front of the Indian and Portuguese occuAl Bahahn of Colombo, and they made many updates to the temple in the eighteenth century, when Lord Buddha visited the temple in its last development, which is the third visit to the temple.

  • St. Lucia Cathedral

It is among the fifteen cathedrals in Colombo, and it was established in honor of the memory of Saint Lucia, and the church can accommodate approximately six thousand people, and it is the main cathedral in Sri Lanka, and it is the oldest building in it, so it is a suitable religious tourist destination.

  • Jami El-Elfar Mosque

The Great Elvie Jamie Mosque was built by Habibu Lapi Mahbiyab Lapi, which blended in its exterior design between the red and white colors, it is a multicultural in it, and highlights the most important ancient architectural points, and combines the Indian-Islamic, neoclassical, and Gothic style.

  • Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

It is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Colombo, as it is a source of attraction for many tourists, whether local or world, and it is in its building a combination of Chinese, Indian and also Thai style, and it contains a large library and a historical museum.

  • Seema Malacca

It is one of the most visited places during the honeymoon period, because it is far from the city and is very similar to an island-shaped temple, and has its own charm and temperate tropical air. It was created by Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, and it is a mixture of Sri Lankan and Indian architecture , Chinese, and Thai, where you enjoy those cultures.

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