Directory of the most beautiful places of tourism in China, the oldest civilizations and the most ancient cultures found in that country. Many now go to it for a variety of purposes including import and export, another for tourism, and another for acquiring knowledge. But Arab travelers advise you that no matter how different the reasons for the visit, or the short period of time it is necessary to go for a walk, and help you today through her article to work as a guide for you to guide you to some important places with stunning views and recreation.

The most beautiful tourism in China

It is preferable to take a varied tour when going to China and not draw in one place, as it is filled with many distinctive tourist places, and the most important

Huangchuan Mountain

It is one of the towering mountains, in which you see the horror and beauty of God Almighty’s creation. The length of this mountain is equivalent to 1863 meters, and considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a piece of art drawn at a very high altitude. It is called the Yellow Mountain, and it is one of the most famous signs in this place A, it is famous for the presence of multiple pine trees around it, and we see that it includes a number of hot water springs, and some of the rock formations around it that were formed thanks to erosion. It is the number one for mountain climbers.

Mountain and lake crescent

In the northwestern part of China, there is a region called the Gobi Desert, and inside it contains a lake called Echo of Sand. At first, when you look at it, you find it is only a painting drawn and colored in blue and green colors, but when you look carefully, l see that this beauty is true. It is a mixture of sand dunes that gathered in the form of a crescent, so it is called a lake of crescent, and you can hear the echo of your voice when the wind blows through these dunes.


There is in an area called Guangxi, you can rent a tourist boat for you and your family and take a walk in that region among the flowers and hills and enjoy the beautiful scenery, it is one of the most places you will enjoy. It is possible to rent a steamer to walk in the countryside and find some scenery that please your eyes.

Great Wall of China

It is the most famous in China. Where everyone goes and memorial pictures must be taken with him, as it is considered one of the popular areas there, but all his fame reaches him because he is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a wall stacked with huge stones, which was specially made to protect the then Chinese Empire from enemies. It includes many streets, so you can pass it more than once when you go to many areas.

Wuyi Mountain

It is located in the end of China, in an area called Fujian Province. It is a charming highland, and is considered one of the distinctive signs that express eastern China. It can take you the equivalent of two hours or a little more time with you because of its distance, but once you arrive, forget the road fatigue due to the magic of the area, the distinct smooth mountain tops, and the clear clear water.

White statue laws

It is located in Nanshan, in southern China, and is a statue near the beaches of Sanya. The statue is 108 meters long and was built in 2005. The statue contains three faces: one for land, the other for Taiwan, and the remainder, the South China Sea.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

It is the largest Orthodox church in East and Southeast Asia. It is located in Harbin. It is the most famous tourist attraction in the Russian city of China. It was built in the early twentieth century and covers an area of ​​54 meters.

Summer Palace

We find this palace adjacent to the Great Wall of China, a huge and spacious place surrounded by a large lake, and some flowers and plants. It has been certified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. They said it was a masterpiece because it contained those stunning scenery adjacent to it. Some consider it an amusement park.


They are homes and housing close to each other, but it is like a dream for writers, poets and scholars. It is one of the oldest cities in China. She built these dwellings out of clay, but the cultures in them enchant another world, and tourists compete with each other to dwell in that place to discover cultures. It consists of twenty neighborhoods and a street with the equivalent of two hundred buildings.

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