Directory of the most beautiful recreational places in Riyadh for families and married couples, Riyadh is one of the most cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in either urban or cultural and intellectual development, and there are a lot of entertainment that is characterized by the cultural and urban character and culture, and building a lot of commercial centers, parks, hotels and international restaurants, which It helped the development of Riyadh and its prosperity, and linked the past to the future. Arab travelers help you get to know the recreational places in Riyadh that suit all family members.

Entertainment places in Riyadh for families

Al Watan Park

Al-Watan Park is located in the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, which is located in the Al-Batha area in Riyadh. The park is surrounded by a lot of beautiful green spaces in its design or the vast green color by placing it in the ultimate in tenderness and beauty. He launched several labels on this distinctive garden and among these labels is the Valley Garden Fence Park, Al Yamamah Park, Water Tower Park, there are many tracks that help you to walk or run, these paths intersect light and quiet lighting designed in a distinctive and beautiful way.
There is a full theme park for children to enjoy playing in, and also children can ride horses and boats in its artificial lakes, and there is also a water tower to store water and you can climb through it about 6 meters to see the entire garden from above and enjoy the scenic landscape.

Olaya Park in Riyadh or Mazraa Park

It was called the upper garden recently, and it was called in the old garden of the farm, due to the large and wide green areas that are inside, which are characterized by beauty and coordination in putting it in a wonderful and pleasant way of looking, there are many trees that provide shade for everyone who sits in the garden there are also places To sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden and spend quality time.
There is also a place for children’s recreational games, and a small soccer field to play in, with the garden lit a fountain lit to give a romantic side to the park at night.

Water Splash Water Park

Among the most famous recreational places in Riyadh, which is characterized by providing all the recreational activities for all family members, there are a lot of different and varied water games and waterfalls within the artificial lakes, which you will enjoy a lot in spending time with and get a lot of fun inside, and all of that comes with areas of greenery Al-Wasiha and other recreational places in it, the water park was built in the eastern ring road in Riyadh, and it is one of the places that adults and children enjoy.

King Abdullah Park in Malaz

It is one of the best parks inside Riyadh, urges it was built in Al-Malaz neighborhood, on a large and wide area of ​​vast green areas, the park is surrounded by a large dancing fountain lit by many illuminations by laser according to the type of music that dances with its water, has five main entrances, and is characterized by its wonderful and quiet lighting that Help you to relax and calm inside the park, and there is also a place dedicated to open shows, you can enjoy the sport of riding biking because of the methods eligible for that.

Al Hokair Land Theme Park

It is the first entertainment center in Riyadh for families, because it contains a lot of places for women to entertain them and spend quality time without the presence of privacy cameras, and this makes it safe, there are many distinctive games for adults and children, that help you spend a special time full of fun and excitement And adventure, it has a lot of cafes and restaurants that offer eating in different and distinct ways, in which there are shops for shopping for everything that the family needs in the city, as it is the perfect place to spend a unique and unique family time, it opens its doors throughout the week from 4 pm to 12 pm.

Baijan Park Happy Land Park

One of the most beautiful places in which an artificial lake called crocodile lake is available, which is the first unique lake in Riyadh, it includes an integrated theme park that provides fun and fun for all members of the adult and young family, and there are green spaces and equipped chalets, restaurants and cafes to provide the best types of food and also bathrooms Swimming To enjoy swimming, it is open seven days a week, from 9 am to 11 pm except Friday.

Prince Fahad Al-Faisal Park

It is one of the heritage gardens that was built in the past and is one of the most beautiful gardens, as it provides you with a lot of beautiful green spaces that help you enjoy it, places dedicated to children’s play, and also high trees that shade you to protect from the sun’s rays.

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