Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Yanbu Saudi Arabia

المسافرون العرب

A guide to the best places for tourism in Yanbu, Yanbu mixes between the past and the present, as it is considered one of the ancient cities that embraces history from historical places and landmarks from villages and ancient rural life that it still has, and also developed and progressed by building resorts on its wonderful beaches and its soft sand, all This makes it a wonderful and quiet city away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Arab travelers help you get to know Yanbu and its most important tourist places.

Tourism in Yanbu

It is one of the Medina cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the west of the Kingdom on the coast of the Red Sea, with a population of approximately 190,000 people, and there live various nationalities around the world, most of whom are from the continent of Asia, and also from Arab and European countries, back Building stems to nearly 2,500 years, when it was always a haven for caravans that came from Yemen and went to Egypt heading to the Mediterranean regions.
Yanbu is distinguished as one of Saudi cultural cities, and there are many wonderful beaches that enjoy stunning scenery, soft sand and beaches that are filled with different and distinctive coral reefs, you can also experience living in the traditional rural way, and enjoy camping in the desert or fishing.

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The most important tourist places in Yanbu

Anchorage dreams

One of the most beautiful beaches in Yanbu, where it is distinguished by its unique location and design located in Sharm Yanbu Al-Hur, through many trips that you prefer to take, such as fishing trips in boats, and also the practice of diving in the water, and you can take boats in An expedition to the islands around La Marsa.

Morning garden

It is one of the best industrial parks that have been built in Yanbu, as it consists of large and flat green areas, and there are also paths for walking and cycling, and it is characterized by being close to the beach, which helps you to spend an enjoyable and wonderful time of psychological relaxation as you take a walk with Great view of the sea next to you.

The popular night market

One of the oldest markets in Yanbu, where he reaches nearly five centuries before the construction of the city of Yanbu, as it was the point between commercial goods that were passing through, and it is called the Night Market because his visitors were coming at night, the market is located near the port of Yanbu On the Red Sea, he specializes in selling all the local production of the city and he works seven days a week from 5 pm to 12 pm.

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North Beach Corniche

It is one of the best beaches of Yanbu, by going to it you can spend a wonderful and enjoyable time on the Corniche, eating or sitting in the cafes that overlook the magnificent sea, in addition to that all services can be enjoyed inside the beach for free.

Al Sharm Public Park

Sharm city was built to become integrated tourist villages, and many features were added to it such as a mooring for yachts, places for diving, and safari tours inside the desert, and there is a theme park entertainment for all ages, whether young or old.

Turquoise garden

Among the most beautiful industrial parks that were opened in 2010, the garden was built on large areas of greenery and is characterized by the diversity of different plants, and trees that reach an area of ​​more than 1700 meters, the garden is a very suitable place to spend a fun and fun time in the company of family or friends.

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Oyster Island

Al-Mahar Island is located to the west of Corniche Al-Sahel in Yanbu, and there are also many distinct activities that you will enjoy while doing it, such as riding boards, camping and enjoying watching the beaches, hobby fishing, there are places for relaxation and barbecues.

Nawras Island

It is one of the most important tourist resorts that includes a lot of population units that overlook the beaches and green forests there, and there is also a city of integrated entertainment games, containing electronic, water and exciting games.

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