Hisa Island:
It is an Egyptian island, located in the east of the beautiful city of Aswan within the Arab Republic of Egypt, located specifically between the Aswan Reservoir and the High Dam, next to the Temple of Philae, and also located on the sides of the Great Nile.
And that island is considered one of the ancient islands in Nubia, and Hisa Island was called by this name a metaphor to King Hess, who is considered one of the most important kings in the seventh family at the time, and that family was present during the Pharaonic era of Egypt, and now inhabits that island.
And that island consists of nearly six hamlets, and each Nag is named after the tribe that inhabits it, and that island is characterized by many stunning scenery, which makes it one of the sweetest cities in Aswan Governorate at all.

Hisa Island Highlights:
In the past, that island is considered a cemetery for the priests who lived in that city, and also for the residents of the adjacent Philae Island, it was a source of stones and timber, where the Pharaohs were extracting wood and stones, in order to construct the pyramids with these materials.
And that island is distinguished for its many pharaonic ruins and drawings, but as for the houses in it, now it is made of stones and rocks found in the mountains on the side of the Nile River.

These houses are one of the most beautiful aesthetic aspects of this island, surrounded by water and mountains surrounded by the river, which gives it a leafy beauty and gives a beautiful and picturesque appearance of the city, and that city enjoys its pure and breathtaking air.
The climate of Al Jazirah is distinguished by its mild and moderate nature, and is characterized by its mild climate in the winter, and a little high in the summer, which makes it a place for patients with rheumatism and joints.
And most of the population of that city is engaged in the profession of hunting and renting boats for foreigners and tourists, as well as some practicing the profession of carpentry, which is their primary profession, where the manufacture of agricultural tools, such as the waterer and the tap, and other tools, all this along with many pieces of furniture that Nubia is famous for all , Such as the embroidered wooden box.
And that island is famous for making boats, which is the only means of transportation to get out of that island, or enter the city.

Island life:
That city lives up to now, the primitive life, where they carry out the process of storing water, in what is called a shortage, and there are a few inside the island, which they have refrigerators, and there are no bakeries inside the island to live.
They totally depend on bread they make and they call it dokka bread, which is made from dough chips, and then they level it inside the oven.
Hisa Island customs and traditions:
Despite the conditions of life inside that island, they practice many of their rituals only, bringing joy and joy to them, and giving them pleasure and psychological comfort.
Habits of Hisa Islanders:
Among those customs that characterize the residents of Hisa Island are traditions of marriage ceremonies, such as a henna night. They have rituals to celebrate the bride in their own way, and they engrave the decorated drawings at the hands of the bride and present her.
And the people of the groom and bride on the island to slaughter a large calf, and the women cook it, and present it with the most famous Nubian cuisine that characterizes that island, and then they sing and dance on the most beautiful Nubian songs, and beautiful dances that are specific to the residents of that city.

Religious holidays celebrations:
And the celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday in that city have a special character, and their own religious spirituality, where they perform religious rituals, and they conduct episodes of remembrance, prophetic praise, and listen to the Qur’an and distinct religious prayers.
The problems facing Hisa Island:
The residents of Hisa Island submit many complaints, due to the lack of services in that island, and the lack of interest of the competent authorities in them, as there is only one health unit, not equipped for several cases.
And there are no medicines required for the owners of chronic diseases, which makes the residents of that city take their patient out of the island, to receive their treatment, and this is all done by boats, where they are the only means of transportation for them, to get out of that island.
This increases their daily suffering, in transporting patients, whether they are children, or the elderly, and others that are not available in the markets, nor parks, and they have only one grocery within the whole island, through which they buy their needs.

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