Tourism is not only as it was in the past, it is archeology, museums, statues, etc., while the areas of entertainment, religious sciences, medicinal and marine sciences, and many other aspects of modern tourism have increased in them, we explain it as follows:

The field of medical tourism
Medical tourism is considered a tourist. The tourist moves to places known to contain healthy mineral water, sun rays in moderate proportions that are beneficial to the skin, or diving into sand that contains certain salts useful and antiseptic to the body, and there are many more.

Ecotourism field
And aims at tourists in this kind to enjoy nature and the environment and its beauty, and what it contains from nature reserves, mountains, deserts and exotic oases, and this type of tourism is widespread in Africa, and in some forests in Europe and the Americas.

The field of marine tourism
It is one of the most prominent types of tourism in recent times and spread extensively throughout the Arab world with its various beaches on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf as well as the Mediterranean, in addition to tourism in the Dead Sea.
Maritime tourism is characterized by many recreational resources such as water skiing, diving and enjoying the coral reefs and the beauty of bayonet neighborhoods with their beautiful colors and rare exotic forms. Modern technical means of entertainment and enjoying water on its surface and underwater from glass rooms to view marine life and many other kinds of enjoyment.

The field of conference tourism
Conference tourism is the type of tourism that is associated with business tours around the world, and travel and business activities for seminars and conferences.
And this kind of tourism spread after the administrative and diplomatic development and the increase in diplomatic representation between countries, and the rise in the role of international institutions and import and export companies; as these companies may organize a conference in a country and invite their clients or employees from another country, and when they move to the host country they enjoy some tours Recreation in that state.

The field of shopping tourism
The aim of them is to buy goods and products and services that are available in certain countries without another, as well as available at low and appropriate prices so that if a tourist wants to obtain them in his country, he will find difficulty in shipping, in procedures, or even in the import price. Among the countries that have this type of Tourism, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, and some countries known for manufacturing and production are known as global shopping sites and centers.
Sports tourism
Sports tourism is spreading in some countries of the Western world, where citizens are interested in moving from one country to another in order to practice a specific sport such as skiing, playing golf in famous arenas, or attending football matches or other mass sports with specific teams and clubs. Among those clubs that tourists travel to are some American basketball teams.

Recreational tourism
Recreation is the basis of tourism and the supreme goal of it. Therefore, recreational tourism is the main goal of which is to enjoy only and learn about new and strange cultures, customs and traditions, and to see well-known and famous places and picturesque landscapes that the tourists would only see in the media and on the internet.
Recreational tourism is very popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in Riyadh, Paris, London and New York.

The field of religious tourism
It means moving and traveling from one place to another in order to visit the holy places and see the effects of the prophets and the companions and what they left or what they went through.
For Muslims, we find that religious tourism is available in cities such as Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, as well as religious tourism for Christians in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Vatican, and various monasteries. Other than that, we find religious tourist destinations for Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists.

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