Biking as a sport, hobby and recreation is something open to everyone, and I think one of the nice things in Dubai is that you become part of a large family, and Dubai welcomes everything like this.
Mark Beaumont is an athlete focused on endurance, achieving the current world record for cycling around the world, so the search for adventures and finding stories are two things that arouse his passion, stressing that he has always had a sense of curiosity to explore the world, and found his passion this time in the Dubai desert.

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“When you go out in the morning on the track of bicycles for bicycles, and the sun rises over the desert, there is a plate of orange and blue reflected, and it is so quiet that I don’t think that there are many places on Earth as beautiful as it is,” with those words via “Beaumont” about his fascination. With that wonderful experience.
The professional cyclist added that there has been a tremendous change from what was eight or nine years ago to what is now, we have the “ability” track for the most famous bikes in the world.

Seven or eight years ago, there were a handful of us here on the track of ability, now the place has become a destination for thousands of people daily, especially on Friday and Saturday.

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He continued: “It is very good that it represents a different challenge for people to go out into the mountains, you think that you will become the only person when you get here and see hundreds of riders in a group. I used to the highlands in Scotland, but these are definitely drier and there are rocks.”

And the global cyclist expressed his fascination when the sun sets in that part of the earth, saying: “You can see the way light starts to change, and casts those deep shadows. It is a different world from the desert.”
He pointed out that year after year, Dubai is changing dramatically rapidly in infrastructure and construction, and certainly when it comes to cycling, it has achieved a great achievement and progress, as bike paths were built with huge investments, and in the latest roads that have appeared everywhere.

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