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Dubai Mall smart application to help its visitors

المسافرون العرب

“The Dubai Mall” has launched a new feature added to its own electronic application, enhancing the ease of visitors roaming around the center and exploring more than 1200 stores and more than 200 restaurants and cafes, in addition to a wide range of facilities and entertainment attractions, the latest of which is the giant scale of the “Dubai Creek Tower” The one in the middle of the main hall is “Grand Atrium”. The app is available for iOS or Android devices, and it allows users to simply enter the name of the store or restaurant they want to go to, to guide them very smoothly to their destination using technology that simulates GPS but from inside the center this time.
In addition to free internet service throughout the “Dubai Mall”, the mall focuses on employing modern digital tools that add real value at all levels. For example, the application provides users with comprehensive information about the «Dubai Mall» and its various stores and facilities, and it also has the advantage of being easy to use. Visitors can get all the information they need about their stores, view events, and buy tickets.

And includes a group of destinations that shoppers can visit the new model of “Dubai Creek Tower”, where daily presentations that include amazing facts about this upcoming international edifice are being organized, through 16 LED screens that provide a visual explanation about the design of the tower and its development stages. The model was prepared by a team of experts and engineers, and it is made of aluminum with an external interface prepared using 3D printing techniques.

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