This is the time of year for Dubai to go to the parks and enjoy the beautiful spring environment that delights in the soul.

And the city of Dubai abounds in gardens spread in most areas and varies in its areas so we got to know the big ones in our previous topic in Arab travelers, in which we reviewed the 5 most beautiful parks in Dubai.

And because the garden is a beautiful place, and it must remain so, Dubai has made sure to set instructions and controls that must be followed in order for everyone to enjoy wonderful times.

1. It is forbidden to eat in game areas
2. Commitment to modest clothing
3. Do not throw waste
4. Fire works are not permitted
5. Camping is forbidden
6. Do not play ball
7. It is forbidden to bring animals
8. Bicycles are prohibited
9. No smoking hookah
10. Do not tamper with electrical connections
11. It is forbidden to pick plants
12. Children are responsible for their parents
13. Unlicensed commercial activities are prohibited
14. No smoking in play areas

Violating these instructions may expose you to responsibility, knowing that each garden has its own instructions that must be read before entering the garden or reading the instructions behind the entry card.

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