Dubai public beaches guide

المسافرون العرب

In the next article, we provide you with a guide to Dubai’s public and free beaches. With the summer sun increasing and the temperatures increasing, people resort to the beaches to reduce the tension caused by the hot climate, so they go swimming in the water and lie on the beach sands to gain a tan, and some of them do fishing and diving, and countries enjoy The Gulf has many amazing beaches that tourists from all over the world go to, especially the beaches of Dubai. Dubai is the emirate that many prefer because of its renaissance in architectural designs, in addition to its amazing and wonderful sea that its residents and tourists intend to establish the types of Riyadh Marine barbecues and swimming, and in the following lines Arab travelers will most beautiful beaches in Dubai, which we recommend you visit.

Dubai public beaches guide

Jumeirah open beach

Gambra Beach located in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most beautiful beaches that the general public can visit without entry fees, the beach is located in the Gambra 1 area in Dubai, what distinguishes Jumeirah is the presence of rescue men always to provide an ambulance service to visitors, in addition to the presence of comfortable places to sit on the beach, as well as It contains football fields for playing sports and places specifically designed for fans of hiking and running on the sea, and also on the beach side there are a lot of restaurants and cafes that can snack and take a refreshing cold drink, and it is worth noting that barbecue, fire and smoking are prohibited on the tea Tread, as the beach closes its doors at night.
شواطئ دبي العامة - Dubai public beaches guide

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Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamriz Beach is one of the largest and longest beaches in the Emirates, as its length extends for more than three kilometers, and is also a link between Dubai and Sharjah, and the beach has swimming pools suitable for adults and children and an area specially designed to perform various maths and physical exercises, and there is also a bike rental service in the beach For fans of the sport, in addition to the presence of ports for boats for fans of sailing.
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Beach the palace the black

The Black Palace Beach is the ideal option if you are looking for relaxation and calm and spend time away from noise and tension, because this beach is distinguished by its amazing location between the royal palaces in Dubai, so the beach has pure and very clear waters, you can lie on its golden sands and enjoy the sun as you can see a palm tree Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab clearly when you sit.
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JBR Beach

Do not miss to visit this beach when you are in Dubai, it has many advantages over the rest of the other beaches, such as the color of the water is very blue and the presence of a lot of services in it such as restaurants that offer the best international and local cuisine, and cafes that will always meet your taste buds in what you need, also provides marine sports services Such as sailing using the parasol, providing surfboards, and having a boat port for those who love sailing, you can also ride camels and roaming on the beach and take memorial photos with them, in addition to its very distinct location, located around it the coolest hotels in Dubai, skyscrapers and many residential units Which can be rented while you are in Dubai.
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Kite Beach

If you want to practice water skiing, windsurfing and surfing, this beach is your ideal choice in Dubai, providing it with a lot of services that satisfy visitors from comfortable places to sit, local and international restaurants and famous cafes, and there are dedicated sports fields that you can Running or renting bicycles, and there is also a safe area specifically for the games of young children, and its location on Al-Manara Road is unique for everyone to reach, so you can go and enjoy the services of the beach, swimming or playing the kites that color the sky of Kite Beach.
1581260729 430 دليل شواطئ دبي العامة - Dubai public beaches guide

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