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Dublin is located on the east coast of Ireland in the county of Leicester, centered on the head of the Gulf of Dublin that overlooks the Irish Sea, and stretches on the banks of the fibrous river, Dublin is the capital and main port of Ireland, and it is the largest city, the city has an area of ​​about 119 square kilometers, as it is called Also the name Dyfflin, which means black pond, and the reason for the name is due to the dark swamp that flows into the River Levy, which stretches the city on its banks. The city today.

Dublin sights

Dublin Castle

The castle is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, as its construction dates back to the thirteenth century AD; it was built on the Viking settlement, the castle was considered a center and headquarters for the English government and then the British government in the past for several centuries, but now it is used by the Irish government that handed it Since it gained independence in 1922 AD, it is a large government complex. The castle includes many landmarks and tourist scenes that allow tourists to view them from inside, but that is at certain times.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

The museum was founded in 1796 AD, but they closed it in 1924 AD and reopened it in 1996 AD The museum is one of the historical witnesses to an event in Ireland.The museum building symbolizes Irish and constitutional nationalism from the insurgency that occurred in 1798 AD, and the Irish Civil War in 1922-1923AD.

Phoenix Park

It is one of the largest closed entertainment parks in the capitals of European countries, its establishment dates back to the sixties of the nineteenth century, it was at first a hunting park for kings and then it became one of the public parks, it was opened in 1747 AD, the gardens include a number of recreational activities in which they are held, including: walking Polo, cricket, and within the gardens there are many wild animals, birds and a variety of flowers.

Grafton Street

This street is one of the famous shopping places in Dublin, the street includes showcases for many artists and musicians, and there are many shops that provide a wide area for shopping from various international brands, along with a group of traditional and international restaurants, and the street also includes a statue of Molly Malone in Its end.

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