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Tourist places in Turkmenistan

People start this year every year, planning and preparing for the summer vacation, and they search for new tourist places to go and get to know them, and from these tourist places: the city of Turkmenistan, located in the far west of the countries of Central Asia, which is bordered to the north by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan And from the south, the Republic of Iran, and from the west, the Caspian Sea, with a total area of ​​about 488,000 km2, and it is characterized by the fact that most of its lands are wild and desert. I have wide areas of desert, and the climate of Turkmenistan is characterized by a semi-tropical desert climate, hot and dry in summer, moderate and dry in winter, and in this article we will get to know the tourist places in the city of Turkmenistan.

Mervee Oasis

Merve Oasis is about forty km from Mary, and this oasis is considered one of the most ancient provinces in the countries of Central Asia, in addition to its important strategic location, which surrounds a number of cities, which helps to stimulate cultural and political exchange, and the residents of this oasis are famous for working in irrigation .

The tomb of Abi Saeed Mitkhini

This shrine belongs to a famous figure who was concerned with Sufi thought and religion, in the tenth to eleventh centuries, and this shrine is located in a village near Miana in the city of Ashgabat, and this shrine is famous among people as Miana the Pope, and Abu Saeed bin Abu al-Khair lived between (968) -1049 AD), and he was a public historical figure who devoted his life to theology, in addition to being one of the leaders of Sufism in Islam, Mikhenei began his religious activity in the city of Ghazni, the capital of the state of Jaznavid, and he continued to pursue education in Mero, and in the last days of his life he settled in Meekhna Where he died in 1049 AD, and this shrine was built for him.


Beaverd is considered one of the ancient historical reserves, located between the cities of Ashkhabad and Mary, and it is one of the main centers of the population of North Khorasan. From Bedouin attacks.

Old Nisa

Nisa is a strong fortress with an area of ​​fourteen hectares, and was used in the past to celebrate and hold festivals, and a visitor to Nisa finds two great architectural complexes: northern and southern.

  • A large tower consisting of one structure and consisting of two floors.
  • The remains of the monumental columns are huge, three meters high.
  • Old Nysa, which has great importance and importance to travelers and tourists in Turkmenistan.

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