It is known from the state of Jakarta that it contains many different tourist areas, and as we are used to, it is full of surprises and it is spread with it to satisfy all tourists coming to it, and therefore it has been considered one of the first tourist places that every big and small wishes to visit and enjoy what is there Of different tourist attractions, it is also worth noting that it contains an excellent tourism natural and a picturesque natural environment that makes a lot of local Indonesian residents come from various places and the Indonesian states to see and enjoy what is found in the state of Jakarta, which is known as the jewel of Asia, it is a land The The history of the ancient and its fragrant as it contains a lot of museums, parks and various vital parks, as it also has everything that matters to tourism, whether a man or a woman or children or elders as it collected all the needs that any visitor may need to it at any time, ,

And to be accurate in our words, the state of Jakarta contains the best city for games and amusement that you may see, which is one of the best areas that can be visited and enjoyed by every big and small, which is called the tourist Duvan or as it is also called the world of imagination. By a lot of local people in the state of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, and this wonderful amusement park is located within a large area and a giant public park which is known as Dreamland or as they are called in the Indonesian language Jaya Ankol Park, and it is worth noting that this city is a fairy tale contains On a lot of different types of games, which are for every mag A group of games bearing the name and title of the country and the continents that came from it and which are distinguished by it, as the famous games that exist in Jakarta differ from the games that exist in the Europe region, and the games in the Asia region differ from the regions that exist in many of the existing areas In Indonesia and the wonderful region of Astana Bunke.

And this wonderful cabaret known as Duvan or known as the fairyland contains an area called the Jakarta region, and this region is distinguished by its many distinctive games that exist in the state of Jakarta, which is one of the most important of these wonderful cabarets which are horseback riding that contains Wonderful decorations, which are called the tourist Tauranga Ranga, as there are also some tours that roam around the Jakarta region, and there are also many old lamps hanging on the necks of horses that roam at night and that suggest the most beautiful scenery. Natural and legendary during Asht Akk in those tours, and one of the important areas in the amusement park is also the Kira Palada region, which is characterized by its wonderful caricatures that carry the forms of chimpanzees and some types of monkeys that are skilled in playing musical instruments that come out of the tunes and lyric pieces, but on Comic method, as there are also some places that have been designated for car racing challenges and a lot of races as well, and there is also the region of Indonesia, which contains a lot of games intended for children and that their families can also participate in entertainment and amusement In it, where there is a flying balloon game that carries children and height and flying with them and taking a tour over the area, there are also some games that are of interest to every visiting child, but for the Europe Games area it carries the Swiss body in designing the arena designated for it And that contains a lot of games that relate to thinking tests that spread in the region and that depend on intelligence, the power of observation and the speed of intuition, and there is also a tales area that contains a lot of games that carry forms inspired by nature such as the presence of waterfalls Water and boat rides to fall and slope m N above it with water as there are areas that mimic the mountains in order to be climbed and there are also some games that work on combat flight within a virtual and fabricated war where he trains children to think and plan during wars.

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