Perak is a wonderful state, which is considered one of the best tourist states in Malaysia, and it contains the new important tourist attractions. It is also considered one of the best tourist areas and one of the most important tourist destinations that both tourists from all over the world prefer As it has a long history in this state, it is also known as the stalls scattered on its land and the amazing plant nature, which contains wonderful sand, trees and various plants that attract many tourists to it, and one of the most important things in the state of Perak, which is famous for it is Its beaches and wonderful waters where Many tourists go to it for family tourism, which he prefers because of the various and wonderful tourist attractions it contains. It also contains some parks and parks that are considered one of the best in the state of Perak, and it is worth noting also that the state of Perak is concerned with its charming nature. Therefore, many areas that have a healthy, important and moist environmental nature that are suitable as a nature reserve or a place in which to preserve various plant creatures have been taken care of.

It is also worth noting that this state is one of the most important tourist areas in which it is Phuket Larot or known as the Maxwell Plateau and this region is one of the most beautiful natural areas that your eyes may be located in. It is also worth noting that this resort resort of Phuket Larot has been built in The year 1884 AD, which was built by Mr. William Edward Maxwell, who is considered to be the Assistant High Commissioner of England who was located in the state of Perak, where this place was specifically chosen to establish this luxury tourist resort to be on a place above sea level And that distance has been measured to find It is approximately one thousand two hundred and fifty meters above the sea level, and this region is considered the most humid area in the whole of Malaysia, and it is worth noting that this region contains a high annual rate where it is filled with rain that falls a lot and it is also worth noting that it has been observed The annual average increase in the level of precipitation reaches about five hundred centimeters, and this region also knows that it contains a moderate temperature where we find that during the day the temperature starts from fifteen degrees Celsius and gradually decreases until it reaches at night to ten degrees Celsius.

It is also worth noting that on the way to this resort, we find next to it a wonderful tea garden house, which is located in the middle of the road where it is considered the place responsible for growing the tea crop in Perak State, but with the lack of cultivation of this plant, the English soldiers stopped the cultivation of tea And transferred to the highlands of Cameroon to be cultivated there in the area of ​​Pohti, which is used to grow tea at the present time, and it is possible for a visitor to this region to enjoy a visit to the coast that overlooks the peninsula region, which also overlooks the Straits of Malacca and can be during a serenity The general atmosphere in this area is to see from your place a beach The scenic tourist island of Benin, as you can see the wonderful scenes in the early morning, and it is also worth noting that it abounds with clouds that obscure the view somewhat in the month of September and in the month of December, and in order to reach this wonderful place Phuket Resort or the Maxwell Plateau all that You have to do is take your own car or taxi and take the highway which connects between the northern states and the southern states where you take after that the famous Tabing exit and then you can follow the signage signs that will lead you to the Tabing exit and then you will find a large gate You have to go through it and then you can go To the tourist town of Tabing and from there to the lake gardens, here you will find a sign in front of you that leads you directly to the road leading to the Phuket Larot Resort which is also known as Maxwell Plateau.

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