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Report on Marhaba Hotel Aswan in Egypt

Marhaba Hotel Aswan is one of the best 3-star Aswan hotels, and this hotel is [...]

The best 8 activities on Elephantine Island in Aswan, Egypt

Elephantine Island is located in Aswan, on the Nile, and forms part of the city [...]

The best 7 activities in the Nubia Museum, Aswan, Egypt

The Nubian Museum was opened on November 23, 1997, and its building won the Aga [...]

Top 4 activities when visiting the missing obelisk in Aswan, Egypt

Unfinished obelisk, the obelisk of Aswan is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located [...]

The best 7 activities in the Aswan Museum in Egypt

The Aswan Museum was opened on the island of Elephantine, which is located in the [...]

The 7 best activities when visiting Agelika Island in Aswan

Agilkia Island is located in the ancient Aswan Dam basin and along the Nile, and [...]

The 6 best activities when visiting Plants Island in Aswan, Egypt

El Nabatat Island is a small oval island in the Nile with a length and [...]

Top 5 activities when visiting El-Tabia Mosque, Aswan, Egypt

The El-Tabia Mosque is distinguished by its architectural style, and it is one of the [...]

Report on Oscar Hotel Aswan

Oscar Hotel Aswan is one of the best budget hotels in Aswan, and the hotel [...]

The 6 best activities at Kom Ombo Aswan Temple in Egypt

Temple of Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple in the city of Kom Ombo [...]

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