Al-Hokair Land, Riyadh is characterized by the presence of a lot of entertainment that made it a distinctive and wonderful city, where many silent places that help you spend more time in it to enjoy and have fun, and one of its most wonderful recreational cities that everyone comes to enjoy all the entertainment inside it is Al Hokair Land, Arab travelers show the most important activities to do in Al Hokair Land.

Alhokair Land

It is one of the most beautiful entertainment cities at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and was established in Riyadh, the capital of the country, where it is very popular by families to enjoy a lot of amenities, recreation and enjoyment, because this city consists of all the means that qualify it to be unique and unique, and compete with the most important cities Recreation Within the entire kingdom, the city of Hokairland is located on the eastern ring road, between exits 9 and 10 in the Al-Hamra neighborhood.
The city is designed to suit all ages so that adults and children can enjoy it, and places are also reserved for women to enjoy the village freely, so many families resort to relaxing all the family members, and everyone enjoys it, she has a lot of green spaces and stunning landscapes for walks and relaxation among these forests and distinctive decorations There are many figures for the most famous international and tourist attractions, and they are also unique in their exquisite and exterior design.

The most important things to do in Hokair Land

  • See the figures

You can walk around the Hokairland to see all the small figures that express the most beautiful things it contains, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and there are also various and various landmarks that you can take pictures beside it to make a memory of this wonderful trip.

  • the games

The games varied within Hakeer Land to include all the exciting and wonderful games that give yourself the spirit of fun and excitement, including the hanging train and the grill, and there are also games dedicated to children that suit all ages, and these places were allocated to large areas and green to enjoy freely, and in this open area there is a game Realercoaster, trampoline, and many other great and varied games.

  • Shops

Hakeer Land contains a large number of other services and distinct facilities, including full markets that include many shops that are famous for their best brands, from various clothes and accessories to distinctive shoes, which made them a favorite place to buy things besides spending a fun and enjoyable time.

  • Restaurants and cafes

It also contains another type of services and includes a lot of local and international restaurants that provide the best types of food from various kitchens of the world, as well as fast food restaurants that varied in all types that children love, and satisfy all tastes, and there are also cafes overlooking the entertainment places to enjoy delicious and varied drinks .

  • Free tours

You can wander around the park, which is famous for its vast and wonderful green wipers with its natural scenery, enjoy the sport of hiking, and also relax next to the park located inside the theme park, and also switch around the artificial lake and see the city through it.

  • Covered halls

There is a large covered hall for lovers of skiing, as well as other fun and delicious electronic games that are very popular with children, as well as cinemas that display the best 3D movies with glasses dedicated to that.

Working hours in the garden and the entry prices for it

The city opens its doors throughout the week at four o’clock in the afternoon, until twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. It is also allowed to enter the individual with a financial value of ninety nine Saudi riyals, and children under the age of four are allowed to enter for free without fees.

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