Guide to the cheapest entertainment in Europe Bosnia Tourism An integrated program, which has recently become the favorite tourist destination for many tourists, as it has all the ingredients that help it to do a tourist attraction, due to its many historical places and wonderful and picturesque natural places, and also because it is considered the cheapest European country in terms of visiting and residing in it Arab travelers help you get to know the most important tourist places in Bosnia.

Bosnia Tourism

The state of Bosnia is located in the south of the European continent in the Balkan region, and its borders extend from the north, south and west with Croita, and from the west its borders are with Serbia, which are countries that little is known about because they are so closed to their cultures, the total area of ​​the state is approximately 52 square kilometers And its main capital is the city of Sarajevo, with a population of approximately five million people, and the official language inside it is the Bosnian language, and also there are several regions that speak the Croatian language, and the Serbian language, the true Islamic religion dominates most of its population, which reaches 60% of the total percentage For the residents, the rest embrace Christianity.
Bosnia is characterized by a mild and pleasant climate during the summer, and the fall and spring seasons are one of the best seasons in Bosnia, because they are the appropriate two seasons for tourism in Bosnia where the temperature is moderate and suitable for the external and pleasant atmosphere, and you can enjoy the nature there and watch the mountainous places and forests to go around, and see the most beautiful types of flowers The open and distinctive growth that is frequent during these seasons, but in the winter and especially the month of January, there is a lot of snowfall, in order to be well suited for fans of snowboarding and mountain climbing.

The most important tourist places in Bosnia

  • Neretva River

One of the most wonderful trips you can take in Bosnia is to ride a boat and wander through the flowing Neretva River, where you will enjoy watching the wonderful nature on both sides of the river, which has a path in the city of Konets, there are cafes on both sides of it for a wonderful and enjoyable view of the river during Have a drink.

  • Muhammad Pasha Mosque

Built in 1617 in the city of Mostar, which is about 120 square kilometers from Sarajevo, near the Neretva River, the Muhammad Pasha Mosque is characterized by having many distinctive views either of the river or to the old bridge, and it is built in a distinctive and unique way of art, decorations and colored windows And, which preserved these original colors and decorations throughout the ages and was not affected by anything, there is also a fountain in the middle of the mosque’s outer courtyard.

  • The old bridge

This bridge was built in the year 1566 AD, on the River Nerefta by order of Sultan Suleiman in the city of Mostar, it has distinctive and wonderful views of the river, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places that are distinguished by the beauty of nature around it, and it falls under the World Heritage area in UNESCO, and there is also a museum The bridge, which is one of the most important archaeological sites, which consists of 3 sections, the first section displays the history of the bridge, the second section there are many artifacts, and small figures of the bridge, the third section is a video that continuously displays the bridge and the process of its demolition and reconstruction throughout history, and on the right side Visit the photos gallery of the war in Bosnia.

  • the old market

It is located on both sides of the Old Bridge, and is designed in the old Ottoman style, with Bosnian carpets and glass and copper lamps, most of the merchants speak English.

  • Skacafax waterfall

It is the highest waterfall in Bosnia, and it is more than wonderful for birds and wildlife to be found alongside it, about 12 km away from the capital, Sarajevo, and it has wonderful and breathtaking views of seeing the flow of water on the valley floor.

  • Mount Jahorina

It is a snowy mountain that is very suitable for fans of snowboarding, and the Olympic Games were hosted in 1984 in the surrounding area, the mountain can be reached by a bus station, it has many restaurants and cafes that overlook it.

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