If you are looking for boundless entertainment then the ideal destination for you are the entertainment places in Al Khobar and Dammam, they are from
Among the three major cities for entertainment and enjoyment in the eastern region, these cities are Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran. We present to you in this article a guide to the most important entertainment places suitable for you and your family in the cities of Khobar and Dammam starting from
Amusement parks, game villages, and even tourist villages and various activities.

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Your guide to the most important entertainment places in Khobar and Dammam

Copra Amusement Park Khobar

One of the most beautiful and best recreational places in Khobar and Dammam is the cobra amusement park in Khobar and also known as Al Hukair Amusement Theme Park but its name has been changed to become Happy Land; Cobra has vast green spaces, waterfalls, artificial lakes, in addition to high-end restaurants, markets and theatrical performances, not to mention the amazing amusement parks that suit children and adults who love adventures and new challenges. There the fun never ends, and you can also ride horses. Copra Amusement Park KhobarCopra Amusement Park KhobarCopra Amusement Park Khobar
Copra Amusement Park Khobar

Happy Land Amusement Park Dammam

The Happy Land Theme Park in Dammam is the ideal place for families who accompany children of small ages, and it also attracts young people, as it is one of the most popular entertainment places in the city that takes you to another world of fun and entertainment. There is a large artificial lake where fishing is permitted for hunting enthusiasts, and there are halls for car racing and other exciting sports.Happy Land Amusement Park DammamHappy Land Amusement Park DammamHappy Land Amusement Park DammamHappy Land Amusement Park Dammam

Toy Town Khobar

The Games Village is one of the best entertainment places in Khobar and Dammam, where it is located in the middle between the two cities, and it is the favorite place for children because it contains amusement and games suitable for children from the age of two years until twelve years. The village contains many modern games varied despite From being the first theme park in the city, it includes
There are also electronic games halls and halls for parties, birthdays and special occasions, and there are free parking spaces
For cars.Toy Town KhobarToy Town KhobarToy Town KhobarToy Town Khobar

Khobar Mall

Al Khobar Mall is also famous for the Japanese theme park, which is the first of this kind in the city and perhaps in the Kingdom as well
The establishment of these cabarets in modern ways that are in line with international specifications and measurements by entertainment industry experts around the world.
Malls of the city make it a destination for many families, so the family can practice all activities that suit their ages and tastes
And all under one roof.Khobar MallKhobar Mall

Snow World Dammam

Snow World is located in the entertainment city of Cobra located in King Khalid Park, and Snow World is the most distinctive feature of Cobra Amusement and gives it
Its popularity and there will take you the atmosphere to a world that has no limits for its enjoyment and entertainment. There are special clothes are provided that are appropriate to the atmosphere and nature of the place due to the very cold weather inside, but the place itself is
The snow is in the form of slopes so that everyone can easily glide on it as these slopes give an excitement
And the spirit of adventure and challenge. The world of snow is considered the largest ice rink in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an important tourist attraction for the city and there
Special times for women and special times for men.Snow World DammamSnow World Dammam

Adventure World Dammam

Adventure World in Dammam is located specifically in the Prince Muhammad bin Masoud neighborhood on Prince Mansour Street and it is one of the entertainment venues
It provides its visitors with an unparalleled entertainment and entertainment experience, especially for families that come with young children. The world of adventures possesses a wide range of diversified games that suit all ages;
Between three to six riyals, he also owns a number of nice cafes and restaurants, not to mention the wonderful decorations of the entire place.
That can take lots of amazing pictures next to it.Adventure World DammamAdventure World DammamAdventure World DammamAdventure World Dammam

Dolphin Village Dammam

Dolphin Entertainment Village is one of the most famous and beautiful entertainment places in Khobar and Dammam, it is truly amazing as it contains
All that provides you with full pleasure and continuous entertainment, as it contains chalets that can be accommodated and restaurants and cafes
High-end. The most beautiful thing in the village are dolphins shows that are held permanently by trained dolphins and sea lions, and they are extremely
Beauty and excitement. It also owns a large theme park which is famous for being one of the best amusement parks in Dammam.Dolphin Village DammamDolphin Village DammamDolphin Village DammamDolphin Village Dammam

Coral Island in Dammam

Al Marjan Island is located in the middle of Dammam Bay in eastern Saudi Arabia on the Dammam Corniche, Al Marjan Island is the first
An artificial island that has been established in the Kingdom and is the waterfront of the city. The island is considered one of the most beautiful entertainment places in the news and Dammam that you will visit in your life as it is of unparalleled beauty and full
With picturesque parks and vast spaces suitable for children to play and run with and have fun, the parks are alone
It covers an area of ​​two hundred and fifty thousand square meters. There are also amusement parks for young children and simple games so that your children can play safely and fully enjoy.Coral Island in DammamCoral Island in DammamCoral Island in DammamCoral Island in Dammam

Sunset Beach Khobar

If you think entertainment is only for amusement parks and game parks, then you are completely wrong, and the best proof of that is
Sunset Beach located in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, where you will find all the fun and excitement and spend the most beautiful
The times that you may not find in some of the theme parks. As for the reason that the beach is one of the most famous and best recreational places in Khobar and Dammam, it is on a large water park that may not be located.
Your eyes are more beautiful than them, and you will not find a similar pleasure for them. You will also find bowling alleys, children’s water parks, and simple amusement parks.
Also in addition to fine restaurants and cafes along the beach, which will give you a distinct view of the beautiful scenery.Sunset Beach KhobarSunset Beach KhobarSunset Beach KhobarSunset Beach Khobar

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