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Versailles Palace

Versailles was built in the eleventh century in the Ile-de-France region in the state of France, and the length of the palace is 500 meters, and it took nearly 50 years to build it, and it was used as a royal palace before the French Revolution ended the reign of King Louis XV, and in 1837 AD This palace has been converted into a historical museum, and Versailles is considered one of the most famous and tourist-friendly museums.

Versailles Palace specifications

Throughout the ages, great attention has been paid to the palace, as it was decorated by many engineers, architects, sculptors and designers. The palace contains the Hall of Mirrors, which is considered an attractive tourist place in it. It also contains European-style residences and design property, the most important of which is the royal court room. The land of the palace is decorated with black and white marble, in addition to dozens of marble statues that spread throughout the palace and depict the Romen gods and emperors, which decorate the facades that overlook the court. The palace also includes many central buildings of the palace complex, in addition to many mothers Be a tourist that attracts visitors greatly.

Versailles Palace Park

Adjacent to the Versailles Palace is a distinctive garden that is considered one of the tourist attractions adjacent to the palace, which is visited by approximately eight million tourists annually, and in this garden surrounding the palace many fountains that launch water in an attractive and charming way, and the lands surrounding the palace lost nearly 10,000 trees in 1989 , Due to a wild winter storm, which destroyed so many trees in the lands surrounding the palace.

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