There are many entertainment places in Medina where you can spend fun, entertaining and unforgettable times
Medina is not limited to religious places only because it is the second holiest city in the world, but there are many
Places waiting for you to discover and explore. The best 5 places of entertainment in Medina to go with us on your next visit to Medina.

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Entertainment places in Medina

Al Madina Museum

Madinah Museum is the first museum specialized in Islamic history as well as civilization in addition to Medina’s heritage, and it is
One of the best entertainment places in Madinah although you might say to yourself; and what is fun to visit the museum
But, as soon as you visit it, you will see the enjoyment on your own. This amazing museum shows the rich Islamic heritage as well as culture and a clear glimpse into the history of Islam, not Islam.
Only, but the entire history of the city of Medina; and it displays all this through amazing illustrations and artistic images
The distinctive feature that you will immediately like; and you will find pleasure while wandering around the museum and seeing its holdings. Al Madina MuseumAl Madina MuseumAl Madina Museum
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Old Bazaar Madinah

As you well know, Medina has a special place in the hearts of Muslims who come to it specially from all over the world
And various countries that may not have heard many of them before, but countries that may not know their existence in the first place; therefore
When they go home, they bring gifts and souvenirs with their friends and themselves to remind them of the honor of coming.
To that holy city. Therefore, the best places we recommend for you to buy unique and valuable gifts and souvenirs is the old Medina Bazaar.
Where it is sold with the most beautiful gifts that you will feel great pleasure while you are choosing from among them; it is the best entertainment places in Medina and
The most unique one.Old Bazaar MadinahOld Bazaar MadinahOld Bazaar MadinahOld Bazaar Madinah Old Bazaar Madinah Read also: Recreation parks in Medina .. The most beautiful parks and picturesque gardens in the arms of the Prophet’s city

Wadi Al Jinn

Wadi Al-Jin in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara is one of the amusement places in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara and strange at the same time, which is witnessing
Unusual demand from people from different parts of the world, and even tourist groups go to him in unparalleled numbers. The valley is located thirty kilometers northwest of the city of Medina;
A mixture of enjoyment and amazement together is that the cars in it move without their drivers ever touching them! It was
People do not believe it when they first hear it, but as more people visit it and the same words spread
As a result, it has become popular with everyone, whether from the local population or from tourists from all over the world.Wadi Al JinnWadi Al Jinn Read also: Popular markets in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah .. Good markets loaded with the smell of the beautiful past

Yanbu stems

In Medina, there is one of the most beautiful beaches that you will see in your life, which is characterized by Medina and increases it
Beautiful over its beauty, and it is the beach of Yanbu, which is famous for its greenery, which is a distinctive feature of the green and full of Medina.
With cultivation and greenery, the beach is about two hundred kilometers from Medina and it is the most beautiful of the 5 entertainment places in Medina that we offer
For you in this article, we strongly advise you to visit it; it is suitable for families, as the area includes a group of parks that are
It has lots of places to sit and play games for children to spend a special time with your family. The whole area includes a shore of stems with glistening blue waters; and a huge place to shop and spend quality time for purchase enthusiasts.
And shopping; this is in addition to the fun trip that you can take in the beautiful area of ​​Yanbu, which is characterized by a large number of spaces
Green, dense trees and high palm trees will definitely spend unparalleled time.Yanbu stemsYanbu stemsYanbu stemsYanbu stems also Read: Holy Places in Medina .. Habiba of the Messenger of God and the second holiest city in Islam

Madain Saleh

Have you ever visited the desert? You will find in this a unique and exceptional pleasure because it is a unique and unique experience,
If you have not visited the desert before then your presence in Medina is your ideal opportunity to seize and gain such
The fun experience in Madain Saleh. Madain Saleh is one of the most amazing scenes that you will see in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is located in the part
The southern part of the Great Nafud desert in Medina, which you will find in visiting and wandering around it an unparalleled pleasure
And when you visit her, you will find that it is worth the effort that can be made to finally stop in that archaeological site.
Budaiya.These cities are a group of buildings with a design that is completely unmatched, as it was carved on stone
Golden sandy, and it is characterized by its fine details on the entry gates and facades, which number one hundred and eleven facades.
These designs were indicative of something, as it is the extent of accuracy, ingenuity and mastery of the builders at that time of the century.
First B.C. We strongly advise you to visit Madain Saleh where you will have a good time while contemplating these deposits.Madain SalehMadain SalehMadain SalehMadain SalehMadain SalehMadain Saleh

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