Exquisite specifications of the most pleasant break Riyadh

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In our article today, we will show the specifications of Al-Badiea Resthouse, one of the most enjoyable breaks in Riyadh. Many families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether from the Saudis or residents, search for breaks to rent on a daily or weekly basis, in order to spend their holidays there, and there are specifications that families search for in those breaks, and from The most important of them is the cleanliness of the lounge, the diversity of rooms and the restrooms in it, and its containment of green spaces that provide an appropriate amount of calm, allowing them to relax and spend a wonderful time in it.

Al Badiaa Resthouse is one of the most enjoyable breaks in Riyadh

Exquisite break specifications

  • Those wishing to spend enjoyable times in Al Badiaa breaks can rent them daily.
  • The lounge includes a house of poetry and an Arab council and green areas that contain a children’s play area, a bench and an Arabic council, in addition to two courses of water.
  • The lounge also includes a parking lot, a football field, and a designated place for barbecue, in addition to a special section for men that contains an air-conditioned council that can accommodate fifty people, and another one can accommodate twenty people. For 50 people, and another for 50 people, and what separates the men and women sections is the kitchen.
  • Al Badiah Resthouse is located in the city of Riyadh, in the Wadi Hanifa region, in front of the farm restaurant and behind the farmer’s panda market.
  • To inquire about the rental price, you can call 0555032870.

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