Dear tourist, know your trip to travel and stay up late in Ukraine, which is one of the most beautiful countries that contain many charming and picturesque cities that dazzle those who travel to it, it is one of the most prominent cities of Kiev, which receives tourists with its famous international airport, and Ukraine also has a beach overlooking the Black Sea It is full of cities, parks, churches and museums that makes it one of the most beautiful tourist kisses, combining the charm of the past with architecture and the beauty of the present and the reality represented in the commercial centers that fascinate the visitor, but the question remains about the places of stay in Ukraine we get to know through this article Blood for you Arab travelers, so follow us.

Watch over in Ukraine

Ukraine amazes the world with the luxurious tourist places that are available and which attracted attention, as it is considered one of the most beautiful countries that have a religious sense represented in the adherence of its people to the Christian religion, as it was influenced by other cultures, to combine many intellectual and cultural patterns that unite in the archaeological and watchful sites , And some ask about the areas that can be visited at night to spend the best times with friends, here is a guide to the most important areas of staying in Ukraine.

National Opera House

Watch over in Ukraine
  • The National Opera House in Kiev is one of the oldest opera houses in the world, it was established in 1867.
  • It is also one of the most prominent and important opera house in Ukraine, and witnesses many dances that express Ukrainian heritage.
  • It ranks third in terms of construction in Ukraine, and fifty opera houses have been built in Ukraine.
  • It is worth noting that it accommodates approximately ten thousand spectators, in addition to that it contains a large number of cafes and restaurants that allow tourists to take a full tour inside the Opera House.
  • Official working hours at the Opera House start from ten in the morning until seven in the evening, which is located in Vouloud Street.
  • Tickets are available at an affordable price and are valued at ten euros for adults and five euros for children.
  • Dear reader, you can also contact the National Opera House via their e-mail via


Watch over in Ukraine

  • This place is one of the most prominent tourist places frequented by tourists from all countries, it is the international center of contemporary art.
  • This exhibition is interested in presenting new works that are distinguished by distinguished artists, so it does not include an existing and specific number of arts, as it enjoys the temporary exhibition.
  • This exhibition showcases everything new in the art world, so it attracts attention.

Moments Cafe

Moments Cafe

  • This cafe offers a list of unique foods that vary and vary according to visitors’ requests of traditional Ukraine dishes, as it serves Porsche pies with jam and cream, or ice cream, and it also offers hot drinks, the most famous of which is tea that is added to herbs with distinct flavors.
  • He is interested in presenting food and drinks, as he uses the finest types of fine Chinese dishes, as well as displaying deliciously decorated food.
  • This type of café is suitable for children, as it serves delicious and healthy dishes, with herbal lemon juices.

We have reviewed through this article many regions that attract many tourists to it in Ukraine, which enjoy its traits of civilization and not to lose sight of reality and its dimensions, as well as Ukraine’s excellence in adhering to the traditions, customs and Christian religion that overwhelmed the engineering architecture that characterized Ukraine, so be on a date in Ukraine In order to spend the best nights in the opera, the best cafes and galleries.

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