The Dubai Eye rises to about 210 meters, surpassing the height of the famous London wheel and appointed the giant Las Vegas to be the largest recreational wheel in the world, located on Bluewaters Island off the coast of Dubai on Jumeirah Beach.
The Dubai Recreational Wheel includes 48 luxury capsules capable of accommodating 1400 visitors and will provide an unprecedented view of Dubai with a 360-degree field of view that overlooks the most important tourist attractions in the city such as Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa, and the completion of construction works in 2018 is expected at a cost of approximately 270 One million US dollars.

Moreover, the “LED” display will be installed on an area of ​​80 meters on the entertainment wheel, with the aim of creating an innovative electronic platform for broadcasting movies, advertisements and interactive information. The area surrounding the wheel will have a market surrounded by a park that includes private places for outdoor dining in addition to retail stores and a food hall that offers fresh products in a traditional atmosphere.

Those wishing to climb into the wheel will see a movie about the most important achievements and basic facts about Dubai in “4D” cinema, and they will take one of two escalators to reach the lower platform and then enter the capsule and enjoy a 48-minute trip in the wheel, and when leaving the wheel There will be an opportunity to go to the visitor center where they can watch a movie on how to build the wheel from the start until reaching the opening day which will be adorned with a large fireworks display.

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