Germany was the one with the upper hand in fast food, so it is a pioneer in this type of food. Germany has exported the idea of ​​restaurants specialized in preparing fast foods: on the roads, in many countries, and there are many tourists who prefer to go to Germany, and this is in order to eat from the foods that this country famous for, which distinguishes it from other countries, and from Fast food in Germany is:

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Fast food in Germany

Potato Pancake:Food in GermanyFamous fast food in Germany is a popular German food preferred by the Germans as they like to eat potatoes a great deal, and this meal consists of a small size pancake made of grated potatoes after mixing with cheese, onions and spices with meat. This kind of fast food is offered in Germany as a side dish to A main meal, as it can be served in broth or soup, and this type of dish is not only dependent on potatoes in Germany, but there are several types of dishes that mainly depend on the presence of potatoes as a main component of preparing this dish such as German potato dumplings, and like the dish C Prophet Bratkartoffeln.:Brezel Brezel
Brezel is one of the most popular bakery items. It consists of water and flour with a fennel. Salt is added to the mixture and you can add other grains to decorate. This type of fast food is eaten in Germany as a side meal. It is sold in all stalls and bakeries and cuts meat and butter.

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Senetral Eaters and Apple CandiesSenetral Eaters and Apple CandiesThese foods are of great popularity in Germany although they are Austrian food, and the sennizal dish is made of thin sliced ​​meat, which is devoid of bone and can be covered with baking sausage, and slices of lemon are served next to it, and there are several varieties of sisal sauce, Some of them depend on beef, which is Wiener Schnitzel, and some that depend on burgers and fried eggs. As for the second category, which is one of the fast foods in Germany with a sweet taste called appl strudel, and those dishes are a kind of famous bakery that relies on apples and butter, and mix apples with sugar with cinnamon and crumbs Bread, and these Dessert was famous in the 18th century, and its composition includes rubber dough that is thinned into texture like leaf thickness, then the butter is placed between the layers of dough before it is stuffed with apple mixed with cinnamon and sugar, and these crunchy light chips are made warm and decorated with crushed sugar.

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The sausage:German sausageGerman sausage German sausage There are more than 1500 types of sausages in Germany as it is one of the fast foods in Germany, which is preferred by many of all ages, and for the popularity of sausages there are a large number of restaurants devoted to preparing this dish as there are street kiosks for those who want to get sausages as a fast meal when He goes to work and for some types of sausage Currywurst, Thuringer Rostbratwurst, Viennese, Schwarzwurst.

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