The ancient village of Bagan is located in central Burma and is one of the world’s great archaeological sites. Thousands of temples are spread across its green plains to express the religious commitment of the people of that region. The ancient city extends over an area of ​​26 square miles, surrounded by a group of picturesque misty rivers, the most prominent of which is the Iyardwadi, which flows through high mountains decorated with palm trees and Indian dates.

This city contains hundreds of temples that were built by the Bagan kings between 1057 and 1287 AD, and these great monuments are preserved and preserved by UNESCO. These temples also contain many huge murals, stunning sculptures, and statues of various shapes and sizes. The massive earthquake that hit Pagan in 2016 caused tremendous damage to the structure of the temples, but most of them still maintain their infrastructure.
Among the most famous temples that are recommended to visit is Anamda Bahtu Temple, which glistens with its golden dome, which reaches a height of 170 feet. The base and terraces in it are decorated with more than 554 pieces of rare tiles.

In addition to the famous Choisigon Paya temple made of pure bronze, which includes terraces of different heights and four shrines for the kings of that time decorated with huge Buddhist statues and many amazing royal facilities.

One of the best ways to see temples is through hot air balloons. The journey begins at the early hours of dawn for 45 minutes, during which tourists can enjoy the wonderful landscapes of mountains and valleys, and discover the magnificent architecture of the majestic temples. A British company oversees and operates these air balloons, and is accompanied by a highly experienced crew on each trip.

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