Below are examples of luxury at a different level from what we are used to, and you will only have it with abundant money, guaranteed to you by these most expensive hotels in the world.

Burj Al Arab hotel “Dubai” – iPad gold

The Burj Al Arab hotel is known as the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, so you should not be shocked or surprised when you know that among the amenities that the hotel offers is the use of an iPad made of pure 24-carat gold.
This golden iPad is offered to every guest upon arrival at the hotel and is programmed to include guest access to all guest services easily and provide different information about the hotel through it.
Four Seasons Hotel Hawaii – Adult Pool

After hours everyone can use the pool, Four Seasons Hotel allocates the pool to adults only with the addition of a luxurious romantic atmosphere, in order for couples to spend an unforgettable time.
El Saint Cecilia “Texas” – shopper and personal stylist

You can now shop from your room at the St. Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas. The hotel has partnered with ByGeorge design and fashion store to organize a design session for the guests. You have to pay is the price of the clothes.
Paleven Hotel “Ireland” – Costume Dress

The Paleven Hotel in Lewes County, Ireland provides you with a fashion room that contains more than 40 outfits dating back to different periods of history. Inside it you will find an ancient library packed with clothes and accessories, and a professional photographer to take pictures of you with clothes.
The cost of renting clothes is about $ 50 for women and about $ 40 for men.
Dorsett Mong Kok Hotel – Hong Kong – Free smartphone

You no longer need to carry your phone with you during your travel to Hong Kong anymore especially if you are staying at the Dorsett Mong Kok Hotel Hotel, as this hotel grants any guest a free smartphone that they own forever.
It also adds on the smartphone unlimited free internet, in addition to the ability to make free local and international calls, and it contains a lot of information about the region’s restaurants and around the hotel.
Sonora Resort Canada – Helicopter Tour over Snowy Peaks

You can now explore stunning snow-capped peaks and icy fjords along the coast of British Columbia with a private helicopter tour of Sonora, Canada
From $ 3,900 for one hour to $ 5,600 for 5: 2 hours, the Sonora Hotel takes its guests on a snowy mountain hike tour with a private helicopter, and then stops over a mountain peak to enjoy a picnic full of great food.
Trump International Hotel “Ireland” – Genealogy Research

If you’ve ever wondered about your ancestors, the Trump International Hotel, Ireland, would help you know them, a genealogist can help you discover your family history for about $ 200.

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