The city of Amsterdam is known for its restaurants and hotels that come to life at night more than during the day, but this city offers its visitors the opportunity to get to know the dark face of Europe in ancient times, where this evil museum transports its visitors to the bloody history of Europe when torture and execution were common in all European cities.

The torture museum is located in the center of Amsterdam near the flower market, overlooking the Singel canal, and it is listed on the list of the most strange museums in the world. It is a small popular museum with around 40 devices of torture used to interrogate criminals, suspects, witches and political prisoners, and is one of 50 similar museums in the Netherlands.

The museum embodies a vivid picture of the painful past of medieval Europe where people were executed by guillotine, and prisoners were tortured by sitting on chairs full of sharp nails. In addition to that it contains iron displays, skull crushers, thumb nails, flutes, catherine wheels and the Judas armchair and many other tools that have been preserved since ancient times and others that have been rebuilt by relying on ancient historical texts and stories.

On the other hand, the museum organizes educational tours for students accompanied by guides for schools and societies on ancient and modern methods of torture that are still used in more than 100 countries around the world, and in this context, the Netherlands has joined the United Nations Convention against Torture.

The museum receives visitors daily from ten in the morning until 11 pm, and entry ticket prices range between 7.50 euros for adults and 4 euros for children, and provides a wide range of information on the history of torture in more than 8 international languages ​​along with a variety of educational programs.

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