Schulzberg Tourist Area is one of the most important tourist areas that are located in the tourist city of Graz in Austria, which is known for its picturesque beauty and its ancient historical areas in which it is located. Also, this wonderful city of Graz is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria and the largest in terms of population as it is Its population reaches about more than three hundred thousand people almost as it is known that the city of Graz has been added by UNESCO to the list of the best site for world heritage, as the city of Graz contains a lot of tourist attractions, especially historical landmarks scattered Throughout the city and full of fragrant history, where there are old palaces, castles and museums, as this city is also full of many tourist areas, which are not historical, in addition to that this city is famous for its scattered universities, also known for its advanced education, as it arrives It has a lot of students from all over the world because of its great educational level, and as we mentioned that one of the most picturesque areas in it is the Schulzberg region, which contains the famous clock tower, which we will talk about in detail today ,,

And there is the Schulzberg area in the Old Town area which is in Graz and about four hundred and seventy three meters away from the heart of the city where it can be reached by taking the suspended railways or as it is known as a cable car and it is also worth noting that it In order to reach this region, you must ride from the city of Kayser on a journey that takes about three minutes, and from it you must complete the road on foot and know that this journey takes about twenty to twenty five minutes, and one of the most important tourist attractions in this region is The city clock tower, which determines the time zone It is located in the city of Graz, as it is located in the middle of the Sholsberg Hill. This clock tower is considered to be one of the greatest and largest tourist attractions in the city of Graz, as it reaches the length of this tower to about more than twenty eight meters and it is worth noting also that this tower What is left of the large historical forts that are famous for the history of this city, as these forts were destroyed in the beginning of the nineteenth century, specifically in the year 1809 AD, and that was after the famous Vienna Treaty was concluded.

And the Schulzberg hill contains a museum specific to the castle, its paintings, and the property of the entire castle. Also this hill also has a famous and fascinating Turkish fountain, in addition to the presence of the famous and fascinating Turkish fountain in addition to the presence of the Guard Tower, which was in the past the guard for the city government. It is also worth noting that this tower The guard tower contains a large and very heavy bell as it reaches a weight of about more than eight tons approximately, as this bell is called the name Lisel, and as we mentioned earlier that it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in this which is the famous clock tower as it is considered one of the The most important sights of the city of Graz, which take the form and shape of an hour Led is considered to be the largest wrist watch in the state of Austria, as it is distinguished by its distinctive minute hand, and in the nineteenth century the city of Graz was full of ancient forts which had been converted at the present time into a public park in addition to the presence of a great theater on the land of this hill and Which is characterized by its air conditioning, which was built in the mid-nineteenth century AD in addition to the presence of many picturesque booths that are found inside the wall of the old castle in the city of Graz, and that the Shulsberg also contains a large tube usually used to be a fortified shelter during the time of the raids Air, which usually occurred during a The second and the last world war, but now it has been converted to a small railway tunnels which are currently visited by tourists in this city.

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