Pocket box

These are multi-use boxes that you can use for weapons (which do not fear) or for tools and tools.
Of course, it can be installed on any car, as you see pictures of pockets and supercar, or any saloon car.
But an artist carpenter will give you
Cooling refrigerator in the car
You buy a small freezer of 96 liters (45 by 45 by 50 meters)
After that, you would like to freeze the refrigerator in the refrigerator freezer by reducing its size so that it can be installed inside the car
This shop or person cuts the freezer (the smallest size) from its height so that you can open the freezer inside the car
May God bless you
Versatile vehicle

It is a mirror and a bed at the same time that you can put your things inside
Fire method
Many beginners and others are puzzled and strike a fifth of it when it is costed to light a fire. These are ideas, experiences and innovations that some have made in setting fire while going to land in the easiest and easiest way.
Blow infidelity as much as possible
A way to infuse disbelief in an emergency is to put water in the silent pot and connect Li with the silent pot and infidelity and set fire to the pot under the pot
The alternative to sulfur is that you forget it
Take the long life of the battery charging wire (attached to the car), plug it in, open the gas, and then touch the two heads with some sparks and remove the eyelid.
The second method: the car lighter inflicted on the cigarettes, may God keep you away from the curse of the car, when it turns red and around you, may God bless you ((Jalla or Baar)) and put it on the lighter and spark your fire
The third way: If you have a gas cap bulb, bring a handkerchief and bring it close to the bulb until it burns, then place it under your grapes.

A small diver runs on the car battery
A very, very small plunger that enters a one-inch hole and runs on the car’s battery
Very ideal for raising water from wells (for car or mobile tank)
Or to raise water from two mobile phones to the car’s tank
Or it can be placed on top of a shower for a shower in the open, or it can be installed in caravan bathrooms
Small in size, you can hold it between the index and thumb. Its weight is light and made of plastic, as it does not resist or break down if you use it well (does not need lubrication)
It gives a good flow despite its small size, it can pump 12 liters per minute
It can raise water to a height of 13 meters
I think it is a necessity in the car for the hobbyist
The truth is that it is not in the market, but it is not difficult to obtain it, so you can buy it and send it to you by post
A machine for plotting Qemiri and all types of birds
We talked about the bird plotting machine
It is located in the Qassim region, and one of the benefits of this machine is to blow up and clean
All birds operate … on car lighter (12v) and are easy to use.
But in my personal opinion, it is not better for you to pluck the bird that you hunt and for the pluck to be done manually, and God is the ultimate pleasure.
This is the picture of Makina

Trailer trimmed with many features
The trailer (trimmer) benefits many owners of sketches and others, so what if you only find a fully equipped trailer …
Trailer inside: tent, refrigerator, battery, bed, slaughtered sacrifice, 5-meter canod, table, silk, Tanki Moy

It is sold to Al-Dwayan for the price of 5,000 riyals
Knowing directions
If the compass is not available, you should make it yourself using the following steps
Bring a glass container, and place it in the amount of water within half or two-thirds of the bowl
Place any light object that floats easily on the water, provided the body is not mineral
Bring a needle or a pin, and rub its pointed tip on a piece of cloth, so the tip acquires a magnetic field
Carefully place the needle on the floating object over the water, you will notice its pointed end rotating northward
You can benefit from knowing the wind directions in Najd, as they are often north, and it is known that
The winds leave traces around the young bushes, as a quantity of sand is formed on the southern side of them
Knowing the north during the day: –
Using the sun, by attaching a straight stick, perpendicularly to Earth
Flat, then set the shadow tip point, to the west, and wait a while, until it changes
Place the tip of the shadow to a new location, then define the new point as it is heading east
Connect the two points, to be a line to guide you to the east and west
3- Knowing the north at night: –
Raise your head to the sky and look for the Big Dipper (girls coffin) which is seven bright stars that take shape
The reverse Sine letter, which revolves around Capricorn, imagine the existence of an imaginary line between the two guides and its duration
Five times the distance to determine Capricorn
You can use three of your fingers, to determine the interstellar distance
Look for the same chair, which is five bright stars, taking the form of the number four Arabic
Or Hindi, more correctly, or W-shaped in English. To the left, draw north
Phantom streak of the middle star inside the number or letter, then extend it forward with a slight deviation to
Left until you see Capricorn
An innovative bag to put meat and fish
Everyone passed by on the day that he hunted something and put him in the car, and on the day he came, he was cursed by the blood and dirt that became the tension, especially if the tensioner was new.
Sometimes you want to chil something with you in the car, but it smells nasty like fish or other things
This is a simple idea that relaxes you … Passed on the nearest car upholsterer or who are leveling with ark and its vinegar separates you a bag like the one shown in the picture, but it is from plastic or a fabric that allows the passage of liquids while you are comfortable
Dow pitchers
This is an idea for an easy-to-use compact boat, I saw an old idea used for skinning or hanging milk shake, etc.
I took advantage of it and thought about making it a boat for the jugs, and the pot of the silencer as well, and everything that was his lug from above could be hung ..
It was made at a very normal blacksmith, with traditional tools .. with a value of 15 riyals with dye, which is three 8 mm skewers, each of which is 60 cm long. Each one of the three skewers is hooked. This is how it looks:

Creative lighting ideas
In fact, there is no invention … but it is a repackaging and installation of materials and equipment that were dispensed with, due to damage in one of its parts, so why not use the proper parts for other purposes !!
In general, the issue is not stinginess or scarcity, but rather the operation of the brain … to stop the processes of milking pockets for things to be settled.
The first idea: material:
* Swivel base on a ‘damaged’ wheel and removing wheels … It can be replaced by tents without a buttonhole.
* PVC pipe for water no more than two meters and cut it into two parts so that the top of the bottom is brought as shown in the picture.
* 110 fluorescent bulb, preferably as the one in the picture, and fixing the other half of the pipe behind it.
* Add the loop above, if you want to hang it.
Now, with pictures, which sings about the explanation.
The second idea: materials:
* Intel Zina base.
* 5m electrical cord.
* Bulb holder preferably from those that move in different directions.
You only need to prove everyone as the pictures ..
The alternative to the calf switch, how to solve stubborn nuts
(The key to the calf) How many times do you need and did not find it, or find a person who is unemployed because of him and he asks you for this key and you fall in embarrassment !! Fearing that you would give it to him and fall into the same predicament or give it use only and ‘sit testifying to him’ I mean, waiting for him until he finishes dismantling and installing it.
What is the alternative ???
The second case is the method of loosening the nuts when they are gimbal, bumper, or difficult to disassemble by normal methods !!
Also the same way as before, but this time I used two spans of swastika fully circled.
As you see in the pictures, it is more informative than the explanation …
An important point is not to suddenly squeeze the blade or column for fear that it will slip away … or your hand will slide and fall to the ‘lior’ or the screwdriver. Balance should be well, in addition to balancing the ends and the anchor points together.
Be a prophet and make a strength help you to tease you to stay balanced.
May God not need you … Thank you
As in the picture …… .. Yes, Adjustable Wrench, ‘I don’t know its name in Arabic’, call it ‘Spana’, and follow the steps of the picture .. Just insert a strong babe in the spine and the fist weight is set for the nut and trust in God. But in the absence of a strong pip or pipe, you should plant a tent and the same image movement. But he grew anxious.
The easiest way to catch at night
Many young people like to hunt birds and most hunting for birds is during the day. Why? Because there is light !!
But during the day, if she is close to a tree in which birds are received, she flies about 30 meters before it does not reach her, and this is a long distance to Saketun and Kharazah, in order to hunt the income and the lunar.
But at night Vtkd received but how easily caught by?
One of your quarter can enlighten the spotlight on the target and call it. But at night, you can’t see neither the obligatory nor the ritual catching the nut !!! Fush working ???
You have healed American soldiers in Iraq and armed them with headlamps, as well as police officers in some developed countries.
This small searchlight is a solution that rides on a nut and does not weigh down

With a strong base, hold the nut from below (you can’t put it on top and don’t want to cover the ritual and the obligatory)

You only need you to aim at the tree

* Important note: Please pay attention to the destination that you are launching for fear that there will be other fishermen or check it.
This scout is surefire and sold to the target. Its advantages are that its light is strong with tricks, and even from its strength they did not measure the strength with the candles. And you see an easy blowing range on a small size
Its advantages is that its lithium battery means a longer luminance period !!!!
Also, it has a hook to hang it in your garment if you were riding that day on a nut.
The installation is through a mounting base, but do not place the head of the searchlight under the nozzle along the length of the lamp so that the searchlight is damaged.
The fastest way to mobilize infidels

This device will be used to teach you the method

This piece was taken by Mata Hawa Kharban

Fix the piece at the beginning of the blade to open. The tape was destroyed, so the air could not be seen among the moving parts

The cartridge was taken from the bag that raises the car.
Blower for fire

Sometimes the light or the fire is weak, or you smoke, God guides it, and it spins a carton or plastic for you to fire on the fire.
But this idea is excellent once and it can be abandoned with you, always in the middle of the estate.
Fail a pipe with a length of 1 meter soon, and there is no need for any size. It is tired from its feet, so the opening will narrow and it will be difficult to get out. It has a breeze in it so that the push of the calm is strong .. Then put the pipe inside the wood and put your mouth in the barrel and blow with force or jam. The air pressure is running on fire.
Of course, I surrounded the length of the pipe, 30 cm, and the rest went with me, so I wrote it and put it in the estate.
Tried curtains pipes see excellent .

Easy mounting brackets
Back cushions so you can sit and leave with ease

We use the rings that are used to fix the water pipes and connect them to the wood board with screws and nuts
These rings are fixed along the wood and do not need to be removed

Then we use tent pegs in this way

The way to disassemble and remove the pegs
Water spray for land use

The ingredients are for me, a desert air conditioner, a minus for me, and an insecticide machine gun. You can see it in the file and a sprinkler of water. By the way, I tried it and sprayed it excellent.
I wanted to tell me that he intended to settle the same thing, he would loosen the head of the machine gun and cover the text of the holes with the head, so that the water flow would be stronger. Thank you very much.
It can be used for purity or dishwashing
Improved salon pocket dish
This is an old dish, but it has some modification, and the features for it is that your things are not obsessed – and men can ride on the plate (I mean, as if the chair pulled the country up)
Its height is 17 cm, its sides have flaps, in order to put it in the car and for if you put something on the side
In the middle, halls mean a cover if you want to extract something from the objects – it has a circle that measures the size of the gas cylinder so that it does not move and is fixed in the place of the screws of the chair (without perforation) and you can sleep with a mattress. The cost is 130 riyals.
The best way to keep a sleeping mattress
Each shepherd has his way of choosing his bed and each according to his taste
But do you have a way to keep the mattress?
To protect it from dirt, dust, water and jealousy …
Let’s see this method, and I tried it and liked it, and it is possible to marvel a lot
The method separates an external cover of the same quality from which the bed was separated (for sure original Tanzanian) with a strap and we finished
And pictures clarify more

Work a chimney on land
These days, especially on land, one needs fire, but the atmosphere may cloud the smoke
This is a way to prevent or reduce smoke, God willing
The required number of 4 sajas according to the size that you want and put them with galleries so that you can put them on top if you finished them and not take a place in the car
New easy-to-use mobile tank tap for car tank
Innovation is to create a new revolutionary that has collected all of it from my old tools
And what I have most of them..Its components (large fish + buzbuzha + magnet Aicum small intex + nail and his mum and his flower + me 2m) I will not talk much I will make pictures speak and the time is many and fun because the idea deserves a lot
Pictures .. In the name of God, we start, and we walk.
the ingredients.

Fitch with his luck.

Notice, my brother, the socket was punctured from its top to be a long nail …

The connection was connected to the buzob.

We punctured the magnetic base

We dissolve the clutch screws into the core.

The core is inside, then we tie it firmly.

We enter what is through the hole and we fasten it to the rear of the Albazbuz..and the picture shows the ride according to the arrangement.

Group the pieces together.

And so it becomes

Small gas cylinders filling method

1- Gas cylinder
2- I have a filling of an internal year and an external year
3- An old or new gas head valve that is welded with cold welding with the external year as shown in the picture

The twist is then placed in the gas head and the valve closes at the back of the twist
The gas opens slowly
The gas is flipped upside down
It connects the old diaphragm head to the gas cylinder to be filled
The gas inside the gas cylinder is opened for half a minute

Next, lock the valve at the end of the loop and loosen the cylinder
Then, empty the air from inside the cylinder with one of the screws or with the clothes hanger wire. Be careful not to damage the cylinder head.
You will notice the gas cylinder is cooler to a little before freezing, i.e. it will become cold after that. Leave the discharge and repeat the filling from worthy and quickly. You will hear the sound of the gas flowing inside the cylinder until it becomes full and you do not hear a sound.
Then lock all valves and place the cylinder in the horizontal position as shown in the picture

After it stabilizes, remove the cylinder. You will see the gas bursting force with a force similar to the fountain. After that, air will come out, just leave it for five seconds only, then close the cylinder.
Very important note
Not smoking during packing
Open packing is preferred in the mainland
Wearing masks on the mouth and nose
The air must be emptied in the last stage, for fear of exploding in the event of heat

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