Find out the best places to stay in Antalya

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Opera and ballet

If you like opera and ballet, the opera state in Antalya, and ballet in Aspendos will make you spend enjoyable nights in Antalya.
You can spend an evening in a Roman theater dating back 2000 years
Enjoy the unique atmosphere, ballet audios, and opera in a historical setting.
There are performances in Aspendos Arena as well
It is a more modern square, so if you want to try the Roman amphitheater be sure to buy the right tickets
For more evening entertainment and nightlife in cultural Antalya, head to the Antalya Cultural Center
This theater is located just west of the city center, and you can watch family-friendly cultural events such as opera, ballet, folk dance, and choir performances.
Find out the best places to stay in Antalya - Find out the best places to stay in Antalya
Antalya has a wide range of restaurants that you can dine at night, meet with friends and family, and the most important of them
A- Chef Fish House Restaurant – Kaleici
One of the most famous fish restaurants in Antalya is located in Kaleici, also doing full meals
Cafes and cafes
Antalya has enjoyable nightlife scenes; it is especially crowded during the summer months, there are many cafes spread around the marina, and in the old town of Kaleici
There are also sports bars, where you can watch the latest games on the big screens, traditional British pubs, and cafes on the waterfront overlooking the harbor.
Start your night with a concert at the Simurgh Temple
There is also plenty of room for dancing, which is very good, and you may want to stay all evening.
You can head to Velika Café in the center of Kaleici, mix with crowds of Antalya fans, where you can sip a cocktail and enjoy live pop and rock music on the spot.
For a cooler evening, the elegantly named Castel Café is located next to the Kaleiçi Castle, which is a quieter, more comfortable alternative.
You can choose from a wide range of drinks, snacks, and a beautiful sunset view.
(Cello) Cafe
A great place to socialize with locals, in summer, tables outside are always full as people enjoy and talk for hours on the street.
Do not be surprised by the passage of live music, and the people who wake up to dance for an unforgettable Antalya night
It is located in Iskla Street, Chara District
Jolly Joker
Also located in the Murad Pasha neighborhood, Jolly Joker is a series of concert venues that can be found in almost every major Turkish city.
If you are interested in seeing talented Turkish music groups, then this is the place to go.
However, be sure to reserve your place in advance because the place may fill up quickly, especially if this work is very well known
The Big Man Café
A small café that you can enjoy espresso, arka tea, and hear live music, located on the old Lai Manoglu Road
Bunsen Café – Işıklar
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The seats and the walls are multicolored, of which there are two branches, one on Ashkar Street, and the other on Lara Street across the road from Jolly Jolly Concert Hall.


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