Find out the best places to stay in New Delhi

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Shiro Restaurant

Find out the best places to stay in New Delhi - Find out the best places to stay in New Delhi

This place is equipped with a high standard ambiance to enjoy the nightlife. It is famous for fine dining and the menu contains Indian, Chinese and Korean cuisine. The entrance fee for this place is 4200 Indian rupees for entry from the couple.


The best restaurant where you can taste food with a pleasant family time plus a menu that covers almost all kitchens around the world. It is the ideal place to host tourists from all over the world, working 24 hours and offering great hospitality

Jano Daba Restaurant

This place is popular for chicken and egg rolls, so try it out for an evening evening with a great dinner

The ghost walked area

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Why not have some fun at night with your friends? Where you can go for a ghost walk late at night, which is a new way to feel the adventure.

Now those who think of entering the ghost walk will feel in awe of the idea of ​​confronting paranormal people in this dark path

Street food

You wouldn’t have enjoyed the nightlife of Delhi if you hadn’t tried a whole lot of tempting and unhealthy street food. Aside from catering to the city’s elite,
Delhi’s nightlife also meets the desires of people who don’t want to spend huge sums on food, but still want the best results

7 best entertainment places to spend the night in New Delhi

Himanshu G. Himanshu Gupta:

The best movie theater in the area where you can experience watching 3D English movies at reasonable prices.

Saurabh Korab Kashyap

One of the best shopping malls in Delhi … built by B.L.Kashyap & Sons and has featured prominent brands, good food, and cinema

Ashish S. Ashish Shukla

Good place to shop, eat, watch movies, good to hang out too

Ananya M. Ananya Mukherjee

They have the best theaters in Delhi. With plush seats. Great service .. in addition to shops selling caramel popcorn, hot dog and nachos

The village of Hauz Khas

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The cafes and partial places that have spread in this region provide great food and the musical taste for almost all types of people. As well as the ability to move between many clubs in the region. With a lake overlooking a view from the balcony and a unique view.

Some places to party at Hauz Khas Village:

Moon Shine Café
Summer House Cafe
– Mia Bella
Garage Company

Dinner late at night

. It is one of the best ways to spend a magical night in harmony, with a meal in dim lighting and great service late at night
Nabodelhi is famous for its diversity in restaurants, accompanied by a variety of flavors. Some of these restaurants are accompanied by a sign board late at night

Moka Art House

The place remains open until 1 am. Especially if you are a fan of cricket, the place is dedicated to you. People tend to watch cricket on the huge screen with a plate full of food.

Little Owl Café

The small place is hidden near Sector 18 Noida Metro Station. It is open day and night, except for the time between 5 am and 8 am

Patel chest to Poon Butter Chai

It is located on the University of North Delhi campus, and this place is famous for Chai pies and charming butter and remains open until five in the morning as you can stroll on the campus road, or head towards the quiet VC Gardens.

Underdog Sports Bar and Grill

Located in Ambience Mall, Vasant Khong, and is kept open until 1 am. This place is also famous for its direct analysis of matches.

Star Gaze at night

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New Delhi has the best places for your photography or just staring at the moon with absolutely nothing to do. This provides amazing views that attract people to visit


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