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Learn the best time to visit Poland If you plan to visit it soon, Poland competes strongly with other European countries such as Germany, Italy and Georgia to attract the largest number of tourists from different countries of the world, the number of tourists annually reaches about 14 million tourists come to see them to see the most beautiful landmarks Tourist, whether natural or historical monuments.
It is worth noting that traveling to Poland requires obtaining a Schengen visa, in addition to the fact that its tourist cost is not exorbitant compared to some other European countries such as France, but besides the procedures of travel it requires a good preparation for it through seeing the best time to visit it, and this is what you will know through travelers The Arabs.

The best time to visit Poland

In the following lines, we will look at the weather conditions in Poland in order to know the appropriate season for the visit:

  • In general, the mild marine climate is prevalent in all parts of the country, but in the winter there is a severe decrease in temperatures, as it may reach 10 degrees Celsius or less and it may extend up to minus zero, and at the beginning of the new year the temperature in the northwest reaches 5.5 degrees. It ranges between 1.0 ° C in the West and 4.5 ° C in the East.
  • In the summer, temperatures begin to rise to 17 degrees Celsius in July, and if you go to the south, you will find that the temperature increases more to reach 20 degrees Celsius, and the climate is usually humid accompanied by rain in particular mountainous areas, and it may become dry in the area Eastern part of the country, so summer is the best time to visit Poland.
  • The best tourist destinations in terms of climate and tourist attractions that you can visit in Poland is the city of Krakow, which is located in the south, and the temperature in the summer and autumn extends between 18 to 19 degrees Celsius, and it becomes very cold in the winter so it is better to visit it in the spring or summer.
  • Among the cities that are also recommended to visit Wroclaw is the best time to visit in the summer and spring if the climate is very cold in the winter, and the average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius.
  • The tourist peak season begins in July and extends to the month of August, when the country is witnessing a rise in prices, so if you prefer to visit Poland in a time of low tourist turnout you can start visiting it in the month of April until June.

If you want to know the best sights in Poland that are worth a visit, you can enter this link.


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