Lake Elmond is found on the edge of high mountains to form a water surface area that extends about 39 km and increases about 7 meters above the water level, and it is among the biggest Scottish lakes and the primary location for the citizens of the capital, Glasgow, to invest the most gorgeous vacations in the arms of little islands and high icebergs and gorgeous green hills.

Visitors to the lake can delight in water sport activities such as water snowboarding and go on a journey in rowing boats, in addition to the activities of nature enthusiasts in the open air, such as treking in fantastic forest courses, and checking out little islands. In May and June, travelers will be able to take cruising adventures to delight in the spectacular landscapes or go to the beautiful coasts of the lake, as well as fantastic falconry journeys and bike journeys on the hills provided with the most gorgeous types of flowers that fill the air with its distinct scent, and they can likewise go shopping in the popular shopping. In the cities beside the lake.

Near the lake, there is a terrific golf club to enjoy this sport on the most gorgeous green fields, as they can ride horses in the valleys and forests surrounding the lake. In addition, visitors can see different kinds of the most gorgeous wild animals, such as 2 months, wild ducks and deer.

The location surrounding the lake consists of a group of the finest worldwide and regional hotels, consisting of the Bin Duran Hotel, which offers fantastic trip programs that consist of a lake journey around the icebergs and another expedition throughout the lake, a trip of the Trossachs National Forest, in addition to a leisure journey aboard the royal luxury yacht.

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