The best time to visit Cameron Highlands

Average temperatures in the Cameron Highlands vary due to humidity, so temperatures look hot all year round with the possibility of rain on most days,

The region is less moderate compared to tourist destinations around the world.
If you are looking for a suitable time to visit Cameron Highlands the milder months are May, June and then April, as the average monthly temperatures below are generally the warmest time of the year early until mid-May;
As temperatures rise regularly to 33.1 ° C, temperatures rarely drop to 24.4 ° C at night.

The best time to visit Cameron Highlands

Avoid public holidays, school holidays, and weekends you don’t want to be stuck in a downhill heavy traffic jam that may last for about an hour or more, note that the monsoon season is between November and February, and you will likely be freezing in your room for 1/2 days; To avoid heavy rains, having said this if you want to experience lower temperatures, visiting Cameron Highlands during the monsoon season is ideal.

Your best proof is to go in late February with the monsoons approaching their end, however the weather remains cooler than other months, avoid the heat of May, June, and July The climate is generally hot and dry, and Cameron Highlands have been on our radar for a few years and yet we continued In stopping her due to the inaccessibility of Singapore.

For those residing in Singapore, the bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands takes about 9 hours by plane. One needs to travel to Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur first, then receive the bus to Cameron Highlands

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