Lithuania is a country located near the Baltic Sea in the northeastern part of Europe and it is one of the three Baltic countries, with a population of only 3 million people, and the capital and largest city in the country is Vilnius, and Lithuania is part of many international international organizations and is one of the fastest economies Growth in Europe, and the tourism industry in Lithuania has flourished since its independence from the Soviet Union, and the country is a haven for nature lovers as it includes wonderful villages by the sea and national parks full of adventures, and Lithuania has also preserved its history and traditions in a wonderful way as reflected in cultural complexes and less The prestige and magical cities that predate history.

Tourist regions of Lithuania


Druskininkai is located near the international borders in Lithuania, a town with great natural richness, it is the main and most elegant cities in the spa cities anywhere in the country and is characterized by mineral springs and beautiful gardens, and the city is famous for its healing and healing properties and therefore a large number of tourists visit it, otherwise it is Also home to one of the world’s best winter sports complexes, known as Snow Arena, there is also a good museum depicting the legendary works of the famous artist where tourists can also take guided tours around the museum.


Ozubis is located south of the Niris River and includes one of the major Jewish communities of Lithuania, a city adjacent to Vilnius that declared independence in 1997 to form its own constitution. Today it is famous for its cobbled alleys and graffiti-covered exterior designs, exotic arts gatherings on the streets, and tourists can also enjoy their time in restaurants under The land is accompanied by musical venues, and the busy markets and exotic nightlife ensure that visitors of this semi-urban area enjoy their time.

Hill crosses

Located in Siauliai, Hill of Crosses is one of the most amazing and pilgrim destination in Lithuania, it features over 200,000 swimming crosses and other symbols and metal sculptures of religious religiosity in all sizes and styles, and the hill has been so covered for centuries now and represents Also a memorial to the Lithuanian people who died during persecution or various movements, this mysterious spot has a strange feeling about it and attracts many travelers.

Gate of Dawn

The walls of the defensive city of Vilnius represent nine entry gates that were initially built in the sixteenth century, and the Dawn Gate is the only remains of this historical structure from the Middle Ages, and the complex has great religious and cultural importance as it boasts the famous painting called “Vilnius Madonna”, Consequently, the place is also known as Mary Church, and it is believed that the place has magical healing capabilities and is visited regularly by thousands of pilgrims.

Backrose National Park

The mixture Bakroseis represents the first ever national park in Lithuania, and includes a mixture of invaluable natural resources, wonderful lakes and wild woods, it is the jewel of the northeastern corner of the country and includes many lakes and traditional villages, and tourists to this place learn about the biological diversity in Lithuania They take a glimpse of the famous wildlife, moreover, it also boasts ancient crafts and folk art related to the ancient societies that inhabited the region and which includes churches of wood and inhabited sticks, as is the old beekeeping museum.

Neringa Municipality

Nringa is one of the most enviable places in Lithuania, a mixture of forests, grasslands, sand dunes and sandy beaches around the Baltic coast. It includes Curonian Spit waters and activities such as windsurfing, cycling, fishing and hiking can be enjoyed to the fullest extent due to Its wild nature, in addition, visitors can explore art and craft workshops that have been set up in small country houses in the ancient towns of the region.

Trakai Island

Trakai is a mixture of small islands, wavy meadows, sparkling water bodies and lush grasslands. It is a historical island-like city and is a famous daily trip near the capital, and it has traditionally been occupied by a number of different races belonging to different cultures. Trakai is famous for the historical tracail castle built of red bricks which Reflecting beautifully alongside dozens of lakes, travelers also visit this island for recreation in the middle of summer with the shores of the lake providing a calm temperate environment.


Being the second largest city in Lithuania and Kaunas has traditionally been the academic, economic and cultural hub of the country, Kaunas is famous for being among the confluence of two major Lithuanian rivers, and is famous for its party building due to the myriad of street pubs and underground restaurants, and the strongholds of the Kaunas Castle glowing and the charming alleyways of the city The old bring a charming old touch to the area, and students studying in prestigious institutes around the city to lead the nightlife

Coronian Island

Curonian Spit is a sand peninsula that crosses nearly 100 km and is a short boat ride from Klaipeda (the third largest city in Lithuania), and the region is famous for the largest undulating sand dunes in Europe and was formed about 5000 years ago by sea currents. Spit magnificent amber beaches and distinctive landscapes, located alongside the bay are small villages including Nida, a municipality famous for its many artworks and jewelery, Curonian Lagoon also has wetlands, green meadows and pleasant populated public areas during the tourism season.

Vilnius Old Town

Covered in a primitive treasure of Gothic architecture and imposing neo-classical neo-convergence at the intersection of the Lithuanian rivers, the ancient capital of the Grand Duchy of Greci, the ancient city of Vilnius is also a world heritage site and universally known for its well-preserved structures, cobbled courtyards and twisted roads that weave between traditional churches, fortresses and castles, and can Finding luxury hotels and restaurants full of cafes and restaurants, The Town boasts distinctive tourist sites including the Presidential Palace and St. Ann’s Church.

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