The Black Sea is considered one of the most important inland seas in the European continent, it is located in the southeast of Europe and Asia Minor. It connects to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosphorus Bay in Istanbul and the Sea of ​​Marmara. The Black Sea has a positive water balance. The flow of pure water occurs within it a double hydrological exchange, the geography of the Black Sea is characterized by mountains High-rise and refractive and tropic topography The Black Sea regions are one of the seven most important geographical regions in Turkey bordered to the west by the Marmara region and the central Anatolia region to the southeast, tourists are because it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey that enjoy together M beautiful and tourist attractions of the huge tourist islands of the most important cities overlooking the Black Sea coast characterized by the natural beauty of the extraordinary city of Giresun beautiful cities located east of Turkey.

The city of Giresun is located in the east of the Turkish lands. It is about 175 kilometers from the west of Trabzon. The word “Giresun” in the Ottoman Turkish means cherry, as it is the largest city that exports cherries to all parts of Europe since the Romen era. Trabzon is one of the most popular cities that visitors visit. Because of its unique beauty, it overlooks the coasts of the Black Sea. The city was famous for its trade since ancient times. The historic Silk Road has become an Ottoman state since 1461, the beginning of the fifteenth century AD, and several small cities overlooking the Black Sea are branched out of the city, all of which are unique and aesthetic Sincere and monuments too

Giresun is famous for a number of tourist places. Aretias, Ares, Areos Nesos, Puga have had a number of tourist places throughout history. They are names from the previous historical eras in which there are ruins of a stone institute that has no roof and a number of forts, fences and temples that do not Its roof which is believed to hold a number of ancient religious rituals studies indicate that it was built in the classical Hellenistic era.
Among the most prominent landmarks in it is the Giresun Kalesi Castle. Its construction dates back to the thirteenth century. It is located in the city center on a hill that is well preserved, although after its construction, a number of festivals, events and conferences are also held in the castle. Also, one of the places that foreign tourists visit is the Giresun Museum located under The castle near the waterfront also includes the Greek cathedral museum, which dates back to the eighteenth century, and entrance fees are about three Turkish liras open from eight in the morning until five in the evening.

Giresun Adası is one of the most popular tourist attractions that Giresun Adası visits for recreation, entertainment and spending fun time. It is the only Turkish island that overlooks the Black Sea located 1.2 kilometers from the beach surrounded by dense shrubs and dense trees located on the ruins of an open temple that was used from Before the legendary Amazon clan you can go to the island using sailing ships and boats in the waters of the Black Sea on a fun trip.

As for foods and restaurants, you can enjoy delicious traditional Ottoman food, and of course grilled fish on the tandoor like other Turkish cities and delicious desserts, the most famous of which are fried fish with onions and roasted peppers in the distinctive Turkish way with very distinctive authorities, you can not miss enjoying swimming in the sea and diving and riding Boats, renting small boats for a stroll around the island, going to the beautiful city restaurants and enjoying the food served there after a hard day of hiking in the city ..

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