Samhan Mountain is one of the high mountains, which is located in the Arabian Peninsula in Dhofar, south of the Sultanate of Oman. Jabal Samhan extends in the eastern part of the Dhofar mountain range, which shares its authority administratively, following Mirbat and Sadah in the Dhofar Governorate, Sultanate of Oman. The maximum height of Mount Samhan is about 2,100 meters, as it is one of the most important mountain ranges in the Dhofar Governorate, Sultanate of Oman. Also, Jabal Samhan includes many plains that penetrate the narrow and deep corridors, some of which reach about 1,000 meters.
There is the Samhan Nature Reserve as a nature reserve in Dhofar Governorate, Sultanate of Oman. It covers an area of ​​about 4,500 square kilometers (1,700 square miles) and is not intended for the permanent residents.

Learn about the neighborhoods in Jabal Samhan
The Plain of Jabal Samhan is characterized by the scattered and diffuse plants with the presence of some mulatto and frankincense trees, which lack narrow mountain passes and the presence of water more than the course of torrents, which are characterized as an important source of water with most of the animals present in the region, and this region also focuses on containing the mountains to Besides the Arab tiger (as one of the rare animals) in addition to the presence of a number of other mammals such as the Nubian caribou, the Arabian gazelle and the foxes, Cape Rabbit, rock lint, Abu Shukk al-Hindi, desert hedgehog and many types of birds. Sometimes predatory local livestock may be present. Other predators, which are found in the reserve, include the lynx, striped hyena and the Arabian wolf.

How to get there
After it was difficult to reach Jabal Samhan from the southeastern corner of Dhofar Governorate, and South Amman Governorate, it is now easy to reach it by car. Jabal Samhan is part of the eastern mountains of Dhofar, which rise steeply from the gravel plains behind Salalah, with elevations of 1400-1800 meters north of Mirbat. You can use this weekend’s opportunity to spend in Salalah, to spend about two full days exploring.

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