1- The National Museum of Indonesia National Museum “Museum Nasional”:

National museums located inside the Indonesian capital, Jakarta is the oldest museum ever present in Indonesia. It was established in 1779 AD The museum houses a unique collection of exhibits of relics, manuscripts, and rock and stone remains of ancient times in which more than 142 thousand historical groups from prehistoric times and includes the primitive tools of man Primitive and the development of tools and also includes the relics and carvings of traditional handicrafts in Indonesia and ancient inscriptions and gold collections and a lot of unique monuments, the museum building is a classical buildings with a sophisticated and accurate architecture as I am one of the largest museums available This is in Southeast Asia as a whole.
Address: Museum Nasional, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 12, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia,
Phone: 62213868172

2- Museum Geologi:

Of course, Indonesia is distinguished by its rich natural geological diversity, it is one of the countries that enjoy fertile volcanic soil and has a huge number of active and idle volcanoes, so in Indonesia, there are luxurious geological museums with the same amount of environment and natural richness in them, the museum is one of the most important geological museums in Bandung that includes an exciting group Impressive of fossils, rare rocks, unique stones and minerals found throughout Indonesia, the bones of extinct animals and giant animals, it is one of the best really interesting places that a huge number of tourists from all over the world visit to see every hill Things and natural resources, the museum also dating to the history of volcanoes active and inactive within Indonesia.
Address: Museum Geologi, Jl. Diponegoro No.57, Cihaur Geulis, Cibeunying Kaler, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia,
Phone: 62227213822

3- Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA):

The museum is located on the island of Bali, the most heated and crowded island and tourist place in Indonesia, famous for its experience of multi-cultures. And interact with them in a fun way
Address: Agung Rai Museum of Art, Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia,
Phone: 62361976659

4- Museum Bank Indonesia:

Although the history of Indonesia dates back to the era of colonialism, the museum includes high-tech Indonesian. The Bank of Indonesia Museum is the Indonesian central bank introduces the museum or displays the history of the economy inside Indonesia. A visitor can see historical artifacts from the ancient kingdoms and archipelago before uniting the country. The museum is distinguished by European architecture Dutch European luxury style and dominated by white color
Address: Museum Bank Indonesia, Jl. Lada No.3, RT.3 / RW.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia,
Phone: 62212600158

5- Museum Batik Danar Hadi:

As one of the most important and famous crafts in Indonesia, an art of traditional arts in the textile industry, the museum offers a journey of making this fabric and introduces you to its types, the types of fabrics used, and the printing trip. It is preferred to visit the museum. It was said that buying this elegant dress.
Address: House of Danar Hadi, Jalan Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 261, Sriwedari, Surakarta, Sriwedari, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia,
Phone: 62271714326

6- Museum Ullen Sentalu:

From the ancient museums, it shows the history of the Javanese kingdoms, the Javanese plants and everything about Java
Address: Museum Ullen Sentalu, Jalan Boyong KM 25, Kaliurang Barat, Hargobinangun, Sleman, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
Phone: 62274895161

7- Museum Angkut:

The Modern Transportation Museum includes an educational and recreational space located near Malang in East Java. It has various vehicles of various eras, old cars and old aviation.
Address: Museum Angkut, Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung No. 2, Batu, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur, Indonesia,
Phone: 6282144468002
These were the most important creative museums you could not miss visiting to take a look and get to know this country and its rich civilizational and cultural history.

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