And one of the most famous and most important tourist places in it: Singapore Flyer (English: Singapore Flyer): Singapore Flyer is located on Raffles Avenue, which is a glass capsule at an altitude of 165 meters, to enjoy the whole view of the town. Universal Studios Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore is considered an amusement park, which is suitable for those looking for a family place during their trip, which includes many recreational activities.

Night Safari: It is a safari park that contains a large number of wild animals, and it includes four walking paths, and the visitor can wander around and enjoy the scenery of animals in them, especially those nights that are found in low-light houses. Marina Bay (English: Marina Bay): Marina Bay is considered one of the main hubs in Singapore, as this Gulf shows the economic situation of the country and its technological development, as it contains many complexes that include cinema halls, theaters and concerts. Sentosa Island: Sentosa Island is a resort that offers many entertainment and excitement to tourists.
Infinity Pool: It is located in Marina Bay Sands, and what distinguishes it is the largest rooftop swimming pool in the world, which is located at the top of 57 levels, through which city views can be enjoyed at sunset . Merlion Park: Merlion Park contains the famous artwork, which is a mermaid with the head of a lion coming out of his mouth, water, and is called the legendary Merlion, who informs tourists of commercial activities in Singapore and fishing, while the head represents the original name of Singapore, a city the lion.

Jurong Bird Park: The Jurong Bird Park is home to nearly 5,000 birds of 400 species, spread over an area of ​​approximately 20.2 hectares. Underwater World: The underwater world is a marine life that can be safely monitored through its presence in a water museum, and contains dolphins, sharks, many marine creatures, coral reefs, and marine fossils. Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore: This place offers the experience of skydiving in a closed place, located near Hub Beach, and is considered one of the largest tunnels to land from an umbrella in a safe environment.
MacRitchie Reservoir: Where nature lovers can walk, walk on this bridge, and while walking on it the tourist can enjoy the views of forests, which is an ideal location to enjoy the beauty of nature. Singapore Track F1 track: a great place for car racing enthusiasts. Little India: Little India is a place that provides a range of stores displaying Indian goods, as well as Indian food. Chinatown: Chinatown: Chinatown is one of the finest places to visit in Singapore, and is famous for Asian and Chinese cultures. Orchard Road: The Orchard Road is one of the best shopping centers in Singapore, with a length of three miles, and includes 22 luxury shopping centers, and displays the most luxurious brands in fashion.[٥] Singapore Botanic Garden: In Singapore Botanic Garden there are about 20,000 species of exotic plants displayed.[٥] The Asian Civilizations Museum: The Asian Civilizations Museum is located in the Empress Place building on the banks of the Singapore River, and displays the religious and cultural aspects of Asia, through exhibitions in which more than 1,000 archaeological and historical objects, such as ceramics, bronze statues, and woodwork , Textiles and jewelry.
Kmpong Glam: The majority of it is Arab, and is located near the historic Sultan Mosque, and has a number of shops offering textiles, spices, carpets and handcrafts. The Peranakan Museum: The Peranakan Museum tells a story that develops the Peranakan culture from intermarriage between Chinese immigrants and local Malawians, and galleries of Peranakan fashion, porcelain, furniture and handicrafts are common.

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