Giethoorn Netherlands is a unique village with simple natural beauty, but despite the simplicity of this beauty it seems
Real for the intensity and magnificence of his greatness.
The loudest sound you can hear there is the water in the water channels and the sound of birds.
You may wonder how far Giethoorn is from Amsterdam and in order to rest assured it is very close to it where one-day trips are held from Amsterdam
To Giethoorn;
Also from Amsterdam, Giethoorn can be reached by train or car in just two and a half hours.
Living in Giethoorn is fictional and wonderful. The houses there look like the houses in fairy tales.

The most important landmarks and things to do in Giethoorn Netherlands

Boating sailing

The most enjoyable way to enjoy the beauty of the amazing village of Giethoorn is by sailing boats, where you can rent what is known
In a whisper boat, it is an open-air boat equipped with a silent electric motor with a quiet level of almost zero noise and therefore it is called a whisper boat.
While renting the boat you are given very easy instructions on how to handle the engine as well as a map of the channels in the village.
And if you want to relieve yourself of the complications, you can rent simple traditional boats that are rowed.
In all cases, it will be an unparalleled quiet and enjoyable experience.Boating sailingBoating sailing also read: The rural Netherlands cities of the Dutch countryside

Visiting museums

Het Olde Maat Uus Museum You can stroll through the Het Olde Maat Uus Museum where you can see and experience what life looks like on a typical farm in Giethoorn
A century ago, there are also stereoscopic representations of people of that time in the Netherlands and how their lives and clothes were.
This museum was rebuilt in 1988 and redesigned in an old-style, to create an impression of what life was like in
Gethorne a hundred years ago.
The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from eleven in the morning until five in the evening;
On Sunday it opens from twelve o'clock, and the entrance fee is four euros for an adult and only one euro for children. The Het Olde Maat Uus MuseumHet Olde Maat Uus Museum de Oude Aarde de Ode Aard is another interesting place in Giethoorn where you can find a large and distinctive collection of precious stones
The minerals, the museum's founder, René Boisvene, traveled all over the world to collect museum samples of rare and unique minerals.
At the moment the museum is run by the Weser family, as they travel all over the world to find additional beautiful crystals to add to the large collection of minerals at the museum.
Adults can enter the museum for three and a half euros and children for two and a half euros. The museum opens in the months from March to October every year from ten in the morning until six in the evening and also opens from November to March from ten in the morning until five in the evening.Museum de Oude AardeMuseum de Oude Aarde Read also: Roermond, Holland ... the legendary Dutch city

Dining Food in Giethoorn

Gethorne's reputation for amazing food is undeniable when it comes to delicious, upscale food and delicious dishes, the village is home to
For various excellent restaurants, many of which are located beautifully at the water's edge, so you can enjoy a distinct, quiet and relaxing dining experience.
Among the most prominent of these restaurants is the restaurant de Lindenhof, which has two Michelin stars, in addition to many restaurants
Other high-end dishes that offer delicious, fresh and excellent quality dishes.Dining Food in GiethoornDining Food in Giethoorn

Visit places near Giethoorn

Not far from Giethoorn Holland you will find a group of ancient cities such as Zederzi, Wollenhof and Blockzigl and there you can go for a walk and visit
Historic places, ancient churches and castles where you will feel wandered in the past through a time machine.
You'll also get moments of pure enjoyment on the water's edge in those places and if you want to dine and relax a little
There are a lot of high-class restaurants in those places.
As for nature lovers, we highly recommend Garden de Werriben and Weden, which is one of the ideal places near Giethoorn.Visit places near GiethoornVisit places near Giethoorn

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