United States National Parks are a great resource if you’re looking to add a change of scenery to yoga. Public and private organizations offer everything from hourly sessions to days-long havens in national parks across the country, from the desert landscape in the southwest to the winding Rocky Mountains peaks to the stone shores of the New England coast. Here are five national parks that provide a breathtaking, scenic backdrop for handcraft and sun salons.
1- Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
During summer and autumn, Ohio residents and park visitors meet to enjoy the beautiful forest during one of the free outdoor yoga sessions in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, about 30 km southeast of Cleveland. The autumn classes that benefit from discolouration are particularly amazing, and these sessions are open to all skill levels.

2- Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Grand Canyon National Park is located in north Arizona, approximately 360 kilometers north of Phoenix, and is a spiritual home to Southwestern American communities. You can experience both the natural beauty and the spiritual importance of this national park by participating in the yoga sanctuary organized by the Grand Canyon Association, the official partner of the nonprofit park.

3- Joshua Tree National Park, California
Your inspiration for your proximity can come from this tree named Joshua Park in southern California. This spiny tree lives around the 321,000 hectare park, 210 kilometers east of Los Angeles. The bosom of the trees bends in all sorts of situations evoking the yoga posture. You’ll find many situations to try while in Joshua Tree National Park at the yoga resort organized by the Department of Recreation at UCSD.

4- Acadia National Park, Maine
At the multi-day UpDog-Yoga Festival, you can experience the calming and contemplative qualities of some of the many bodies of water in Acadia National Park in Maine State, 70 kilometers southeast of Bangor in Maine State. If you are confident in your ability to balance, test your position as you float on a surfboard in the middle of the lake.

5- Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Free yoga lessons are offered throughout the summer at Estes Park, about 110 kilometers northwest of Denver, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains National Park. Don’t worry about excessive sweating – the fragile mountain air will definitely give you a feeling of refreshment and coolness.

For those who decide to enjoy the wonderful US ambience in the open air back and forth, Goofi offers her advice: “Go on an adventure without any expectations, and be open to the fact that your mind and body will be challenged in other ways that you may not get used to. Standing on the hands is much more difficult in the sand! ”However, these difficulties and smaller challenges can teach us a lot. So enjoy yoga while outdoors. ”

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