Information guide on the most beautiful places of tourism in Romenia and today we will learn about the experiences of travelers to visit Bucharest on the website of Arab travelers.

Wonderful tourist places in Bucharest :

  • Art Museum:

It is a branch of the National Museum of Art, and this museum contains a number of rare art collections, which were donated by noble families in Bucharest in 1927, and this museum contains many works of Romen painters, also contains some distinct pieces of Turkish embroidery and carpets.

  • Victoria Palace:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful palaces, where hundreds of tourists visit to see this unique building, and the Palace of Victoria is the seat of the Prime Minister of Romenia and the government, and this museum was built under the supervision of the famous engineer Duplo Marco.

  • Village Museum:

This museum displays many examples of ancient dwellings in Romenia.

  • Romen Theater:

This theater is considered a suitable place for art and music lovers, in which many concerts are held, and it is considered one of the important historical monuments in Bucharest, designed by French architect Albert Galleron, and this theater takes the neo-classical style, where some romantic magic touches have been added, and it contains The Romen theater building is based on a statue of the famous Romen poet Eminisu in the small garden of the theater. This theater contains a large ornate dome and the International Music Festival is held every year.

  • Acasahore Straw Museum:

This exciting museum documents all forms of Romen heritage and documents the social life of Romen cities, as it reflects the civilization of each country, and this museum is located next to the largest lake Horstow, the largest lake in Europe, and a number of folklore dances and performances, especially during summer days, are held.

  • Lake Kew:

This lake is famous as a meeting place for loved ones and kisses of lovers, where you can practice favorite sports and tennis in the gardens that are located next to the lake, and you can sit in any of the cafes spread in the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee and relaxation, or eat any of the wonderful Romen meals in any of the high-end restaurants that It is located around the lake.

  • Floating restaurant:

It is one of the wonderful river restaurants, where you can eat and wander through the lake and see the flying fish.

  • Lake Moribiye:

It is considered one of the largest lakes in the city of Bucharest, with an area of ​​about 246 hectares, as it is located about 6 km away from the center of Bucharest, and it is considered one of the most wonderful recreational areas and tourist destinations loved by the tourist, where you can roam, walk or swim around the lake, and enjoy the view of the sunset or sunrise amid This unspeakable natural beauty.

  • Arc de Triomphe:

It is considered one of the prominent historical monuments in Bucharest, and this arch was built in 1922 and opened in 1936. The creative architect Petri Antonescu designed and built it to commemorate the victories achieved by the Romen army in World War I, and the height of the Arc of Triumph is about 27 meters, and a structure was built The arc of granite, it is very similar to the monument of the Arc de Triomphe, which is located in France, and the square of this arc is at the present time a headquarters for the celebration of the independence of Romenia, and it is also a popular spot for visitors and tourists as well as a spot for military marches, and is considered one of the most popular arenas in the country, it is possible Watch it and enjoy sitting in any of the restaurants located near it or having a refreshing drink at any of the cafes that surround the square.

  • curtea veche:

It is an old court, this court includes the first royal court in Bucharest, but nowadays it has become an abandoned place that cannot be used, in 1718 it was subjected to a huge fire, and this court consisted of the royal court and consists of a church and many houses and halls designated for reception as there is It also has many stables and gardens, and this building is likely to be built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

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