Green Island in Kuwait

المسافرون العرب

Green Island in Kuwait

The green island is located in the State of Kuwait, specifically in the Sheikh region, along a 21-km stretch of waterfront on the coastal strip, and it was opened in 1988 AD, and it is one of the first artificial islands in the Arab Gulf states, and its maritime area is estimated at about 785000 m², and a length of about a kilometer Half and its circumference is 3,140 meters, while its length with righteousness is estimated at 134 meters, and it was named by this name because it contains many shrubs and plants in all colors, especially the green color that prevails in all directions.

Island description

One of the most important things that distinguishes this island from other islands is that it is completely industrial. Its location made it a destination for tourists to enjoy and watch its stunning and distinctive scenery, and spend beautiful times in it, as it is considered a paradise on the ground, and a summit place in relaxation and comfort, its visitors do not remember that they are in a desert of the severity of its beauty and its greenery, and no one is bored in it because it provides a lot of Programs and activities Recreational activities for young and old. Examples of these activities include dancing, singing, and theater, as well as many national and other celebrations.

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Tourist facilities on the island

  • Restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and swimming pools.
  • Romen theater for concerts and musical performances, and it has a runway with a capacity for about 700 people, and holds many concerts and theatrical performances.
  • An artificial lake whose waters are taken through the tidal phenomenon from the waters of the Arabian Gulf.
  • A promotional castle, in which children can enjoy and play in it because it contains: modern air hammocks, infinite corridors, trenches and waterfalls.
  • Special celebrations, festivals, and lots of sports, entertainment and marketing activities and programs.
  • A tourist tower in the middle of it, 35 meters above sea level.
  • A spiral coil is pierced by a spiral, in the form of a small circular hill.
  • Many hotels, the most famous of which are Green Island Resort Hotel.
  • A train that moves throughout, and is used to transport visitors.

Some of the artificial islands in the world

  • Flvododler in the Netherlands.
  • Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
  • Kansai International Airport in Japan
  • Hong Kong International Airport in China.
  • The Palm Jebel Ali Island in Dubai.
  • Chibo International Airport in Japan.
  • Roku in Japan.
  • The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.
  • Port in Japan.
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