For those who love to travel to the islands and enjoy the surrounding emerald waters from all directions, we offer you this article, and it has the most famous islands that you can travel to and enjoy spending your happy times:

It is one of the most famous and largest Greek islands, and it is an ideal destination due to the diversity of its beaches that extend on the coast of the island.
It is an italyn island located in western Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea and famous for its wonderful beaches with coastlines that almost rival the Caribbean with soft white sand and clear turquoise waters, as this island also features picturesque rocky areas for natural lovers.

It is the second largest Canary Islands in Spain, and was chosen from the top 500 tourist destinations in the world, due to its pleasant fresh breeze, beautiful beaches, and colors.
Delightful natural as well as sunshine all year round.

It is located in Croatia and it is the ideal place that visitors usually go to spend a wonderful vacation; given its charming places and beaches with a number of beautiful cities and villages, as well as a lot of interesting tourism experiences from rowing to long walks.

Madeira Island is located in Portugal off the Moroccan coast, and is known as the eternal spring island, as it is a great option for affordable holidays at any time of the year, with opportunities to enjoy the rocky natural scenery with steep slopes that make up paintings worth discovering.
Nice Auer
It is located in Ireland and is the smallest of the Aran Islands and is famous for its tranquil village, scenic sights and rich nature, along with tranquility, nature and isolation away from crowding.

It is located in the far north of Scottish Hebrides and is one of the most famous islands in the world due to the magnificence of rugged landscapes and step-by-step streams, with plenty of recreation opportunities to do, from visiting one of the ancient medieval castles to discovering the picturesque capital known as Portree.

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