For anyone looking for an entertainment resort that gives you unlimited exceptional fun thanks to its picturesque nature and diverse activities, “Banwa Island” may be an ideal choice for you.
770 kilometers from the Philippine capital, “Manila”, “Panwa Island”, which covers an area of ​​61 thousand square meters, is surrounded by the waters that surround it from all sides.

The most expensive entertainment resort in the world on Panwa Island

You can reach this charming island only by taking a helicopter or sea plane, as it is the appropriate means of transportation for it.
The island includes among its elements an entertainment resort that is the most expensive in the world, where the cost of accommodation per person and guests per night is 100 thousand dollars, in exchange for listening to a unique experience.

Exceptional luxury at the Panwa Resort

The resort provides its visitors with the finest and best services, as it provides crews of chefs to provide delicious food, in addition to the presence of health clubs that include the best workers.
The island gives you the opportunity to enjoy a range of diverse water activities such as water skiing and diving, in addition to fun cruises.

The island has a capacity of 48 visitors, as it contains 12 rooms overlooking the gardens and a high hotel suite, in addition to 6 villas with a charming view of the beach.
Among the most prominent services that the island provides to its visitors is organizing a helicopter trip up the island, which costs $ 11,580 or a sea plane at a cost of $ 990 per person.

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