Armenia has one of the most famous rural areas in the world that includes the sacred Mount Ararad, where historic churches are scattered from ancient times, and Armenia is considered with its calm cities and charming nature of the most beautiful destinations in 2019.

This magnificent country may not have any beaches on the seas or oceans, but it includes among its majestic mountains one of the largest fresh lakes in the world, Lake Sevan.

Armenia’s Great Blue Sea is located in the heart of a huge mountain pot at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, with an area of ​​940 square kilometers, its colors and shades change with climate change and its mysterious secret is used to transform from heavenly to dark blue, surrounded by shimmering sandy beaches under golden sunlight and distinguished With its cold water.

More than 28 rivers flow to the lake, while its waters flow into the Hrazdan River, which runs through the winding roads of the white mountains. And turned into a peninsula since the exploitation of the lake in the generation of hydroelectric power and for irrigation, which led to a drop of the water level by about 20 meters.
The lake forms part of the Sevan National Park, which includes 24,800 hectares, was established in 1978 and includes three environmental, recreational and economic areas. The lake enjoys a cold climate that does not exceed 16 ° C during the summer months, and is surrounded by a group of clean and safe beaches that provide various activities such as swimming, kayak, water skiing and surfing.

There are many hotels and houses around the lake which is home to a group of beautiful monuments such as the wonderful “Hayravank” monastery and the most famous Armenian “Sevanavank” Church in Armenia. The church can be reached by some steep stairs, where there are small stalls selling drinks and all kinds of Souvenirs.

And since the lake is considered a haven for many fish, including the endangered trout, the “Ichhan”, the opportunity to eat local delicacies in one of the beautiful popular restaurants around the lake cannot be missed.

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