India abounds in many famous and attractive places and sites that God has granted to these countries that receive many tourists from all over the world to see the picturesque nature of the established mountains and the flourishing nature, the amazing beaches, the waters of legendary purity, as well as the waterfalls that are located amid a mixture of lush green areas and hills Rugged mountains and sparkling water. Below we show you a group of the most beautiful waterfalls of India:

“Nohalkalei Falls”
It is located in eastern India, which is one of the longest waterfalls in the country, reaching a length of 1110 feet, and her name came according to the story of a woman named Ka Likai, who jumped into the waterfall after her husband killed her daughter from her previous marriage and fed her remains of her body.
Sivanasamudra Falls
It is located in Karnataka within the Kofiri Wildlife Reserve, and is the second largest waterfall in India and is characterized by the dense and many plants that surround it in a wonderful sight that makes it not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls of India but it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
“Nohenjithiang Waterfalls”
It is divided into 7 streams, and adventure and nature lovers can visit it during the monsoon season.

Chitrakot Falls
It is one of the largest waterfalls in India, as the waterfalls reach their full size during the monsoon season, and the waters drift very strongly between July and September.

Nohalkalekai Nohkikikai Waterfalls
It is located in Meghalaya and is one of the very interesting waterfalls in India, which rises to about 1115 feet, making it the third highest waterfall in India.
Jog Falls
It is located off the west coast of India in Karnataka, and is the second highest waterfall in the country, with a height of approximately 830 feet.

Dodasagar Falls
It is located in the city of Molem, about 43.5 km from the Dabolim Airport, and is characterized by its scenic, difficult to face as it flows from the water to small currents.

“Talacuna Falls”
It is located inside the “Sri Venkateswara” National Park in southeast India, and is one of the main attractions in the region.
Hogainakkal Falls
It lies on the Kaveri River, and stretches between the rocky landscapes until it flows from a cliff in 14 different regions, which range in height from 15 to 66 feet.

Etherabeli Falls
It is located in the south of Kerala state, with a length of 80 feet and a width of approximately 330 feet, and fed by the Chalakudy River, and it has been an important location for filming many Bollywood films during the past years.

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