Imagine that you open your eyes one morning inside a luxurious palace and eat your breakfast in a luxurious room, and walk in the place that the Queen of Britain worked on his structure again, this dream that is in your mind is not far from you but close to the point that makes you really start taking steps to achieve it, Today, the Prince of Wales Foundation built the “The Granary Lodge” on the grounds of the “Mey” castle in the British region of Keithens.

The Granary Lodge

This inn provides you with 10 distinct rooms for guests, in addition to two suites, a drawing room and breakfast from the bounties of this country. This castle has something for you in terms of family drama and classic style, where it was called “Barrogel”, thus becoming the official residence of the Earl of Keithens for a century from Time until it was purchased by Queen Elizabeth in 1952, which changed the castle’s name to Mey.

The goal of the interior design was revealed by the Prince Charles Communications Director, Robert Luffy, who emphasized that the castle reflects the special rapprochement between the castle and the queen.

The price of the night is surprising

Luffy emphasized that all designs carry a traditional style that harmonizes design elements to give you a strong Scottish feeling that reflects Elizabeth’s great love for Scotland.

Surprisingly, Prince Charles spends his summer vacation at the castle, for in spite of that, that castle is not empty at any time as the room price starts from about $ 187.

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