The italyn city of Lucca

It is one of the most popular cities in the region of Tuscany, located in the northwestern part of central Italy, and it is a very ancient city and dates back to before BC, where it was an important headquarters for Julius Caesar in the Romen era, and where the Church of Saint Michel, which is one of the oldest churches in history.

English city of Winchester
It is a historic city located in the southeast of England, famous for its ancient history, as it was the capital of the United Kingdom in the Anglo-Saxon era, and includes a group of wonderful historical monuments, sanctuaries, monasteries and tombs of very important symbols in English history.

Portuguese city of Marvão
It is a beautiful mountain city located on the Portuguese-Spanish border, dating back to the Middle Ages, and what distinguishes it the fortified fortress long ago very long ago, and was built by residents in the past to protect them from external threats.

The Swiss city of Stein am Rhein
It is a very lively and charming small town that dates back to the Middle Ages. This charming small town is famous for its distinctive and historical form of the houses built there, and it has a number of historical monuments, including the Lindforme Museum and Hohenklingen Castle, as well as holiday places and scenic excursions.
French city of Nagak
It is an ancient city located in the south of France in one of the green highlands, and it departs from the life of hustle and bustle that characterizes most of the French cities, which makes it always crowded with visitors in the summer and vacation periods because it is one of the tourist cities in France, and because it contains charming landscapes, and historical monuments, including surrounded by historical castles And old forts.

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